The Challenge: $10,000 MRR in 30 Months

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    I first read that as "10K MRR in 30 days" and was like "Woah that's a sporty goal". Cheers, and good luck! I like how you planned everything out meticulously

    Will be following your journey!

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    Love the approach. Subscribed for the updates.

    Also, I saw that you have not decided on the idea yet, I'm trying to solve that problem with https://chromeextensionideas.substack.com/

    The first issue will be out today if everything goes well. Feel free to subscribe and share :)

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      I love chrome extensions. I'm actually building one as my first indie product.
      Here is a link if you're interested: https://turbonav.com/

      I've subscribed to your substack, looking forward to reading your first issue

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        We share that love for extensions :) Looking forward to trying Turbonav.

        You can read the first issue here: https://chromeextensionideas.substack.com/p/chrome-extension-ideas-1

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    Also please do build a better GoodReads alternative - I've used it before for book recommendations, but it's just not at the top of it's game :(

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    Very nice blog, applied to the Slack group, I'm on a very similar path too, 90% onto my runway saving tho. Good luck and will keep an eye on your worK!

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      Thanks @phuctm97, good luck to you with the last 10%.

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    Great blog article. Really relate to a lot of your thoughts. Good luck and we will be keeping an eye on your progress.

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      Thanks @Checkify! Will take all the luck I can get at this point.

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    Nice blog, I applied to join your Slack group. Good luck with this challenge!

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      Thanks @romainsimon! You’ll be in for sure, Beanvest looks cool.

      Btw, there’s a slight typo on your landing page:
      "Beanvest does everything your did manually for you, and even more"

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        Thanks for the notice!

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      This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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    Hey Yusuf!

    I joined the email list after first seeing this here last week!

    Just thought I would message on here to. Looking forward to seeing your journey. Best of luck!

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    Well thought out and put together, looking forward to following you!

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    the challenge sounds awesome! I applied for that Slack group, I'm looking forward to connecting with others that are on the same boat as us.

    Good luck to you and me! ✌️

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    Great blog! You are right $10 000 does go a long way in SA. You are on the right path building in public because it reduces the probability of cricket sounds when you finally launch something. Wishing you all the success on your journey.

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    Hi Yusuf, this speaks to me ! I'm more or less in the same position ie. built a few years of runway and going full time on my project starting this month to grow it to 5-10k MRR in the next 2 years. One difference is that I started a project on the side so it has some MRR already. Applied for the Slack group, happy to share things along that journey together and best of luck for your projects!

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      Ah @Sheepp, I’m envious of you man! I would have ideally preferred to be in your position having started something already and gotten a few paying customers.

      Nicely done, SEOwl looks useful.

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    Great blog, I followed you on twitter and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!

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    A very good thing that you're starting up with building in public. I was on the exact same journey few years back and I'm still at $0 MRR.

    Here are a few mistakes that I have made, you can avoid them -

    • I built too many apps and shipped only 2 of them
    • I haven't done any user research, whatsoever which is biggest mistake of this journey I guess
    • Didn't build audience in search for a perfect topic to build on

    Advice to 2yr older version of myself -

    • Build an audience, just start sharing on twitter how you doing what you doing.
    • Start by talking to people about problems and get to building only when you see problem
    • Be less introvert during user research

    Hope it helped.

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      Hey @remidi

      I didn’t go into detail on it, but I’ve made the same same mistakes in the past too. I think a lot of us here have.

      I will say though that while I think having an audience is nice, I don’t think it’s necessary. The other two mistakes however are the kind I agree 100% with you on. And the kind I really want to avoid.

      Thanks for the feedback man.

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    Congrats on taking the first steps ! Signed up for your newsletter and excited for your progress ahead.

    If there's anyway my product GrowthHunt.co and myself can help, just hit me up and I'm more than happy to.

    Cheers !

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    I like your plan. My buddy and I have been thinking of building a recruiting tool very similar to what you've described. I have heard that being a solopreneur is a very hard path to go down. If you need help with sales, marketing, hiring, finance, or operations and are trying to build a business versus a passive income side-hustle, please reach out. If not, I wish you luck and hope you find success.

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      Thanks @acoldiron, would prefer to take the solo journey but thanks for the offer regardless.

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    Good luck, and thank you for sharing your roadmap!

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    Good luck, will follow your progress on twitter. You probably already know this but if part of your goal is to grow your audience, consistency is key!

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      @boutross thanks. Could always use the reminder 👍

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    Wow it's funny, I'm in a similar situation. I also don't have an idea what exactly to build, but am kind of excited to try a few things - even if they don't work.

    Submitted your form, looking forward to seeing what you'll build!

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      @pha I actually think there’s a lot more like us. I’s partly why I’m creating the Slack.

      Thanks man and good luck.

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        I agree! it's awesome to see how many of us are in the same boat. I think having a Slack group to connect with will help push us forward to that goal of making a living out of our indie dev products.

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    Awesome goal, I love this a lot more than the 12 in 12 ones :)

    Funny enough, it took me 3.5 years to reach this milestone. I was so green (and 20 years old) in the first year though, it doesn't count ;)

    If you'd like someone else in your boat, or a little annoying voice in your head, let me know: http://mentors.to/dom (also happy to knock down the price, don't want to soak up your runway after all)

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      @dqmonn thanks man! Yeah I also prefer it to 12 in 12, I’ve got nothing against it, but it seems unnecessarily quick. I’d much prefer working on something for 2-3 months before deciding whether to bin it or continue. I think that’s also why I haven’t come across anyone who has actually managed to finish it.

      Man, I joked on Twitter that I hope getting recurring revenue isn’t subject to Parkinson’s Law. But 3.5 years is beyond even that.

      Thanks for the offer btw, will keep it in mind.

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    Nice one! Submitted a form :)

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    Great initiative!

    The website I used to apply to the Slack channel is still under construction

    Would be great to join a serious group of entrepreneurs!

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      thanks @Visionary

      Ah that’s weird, try this google form rather

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    Good luck, sounds doable! I applied for the Slack group 👍

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