May 9, 2019

The easiest way to build a site like IH?


What would be the easiest way to build a simple site similar to IH, Product hunt etc. with the possibility to vote up/down? I know I heard about a tool in a podcast or somewhere, but cannot find it. Thank you

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    It would probably be easiest to modify the code for, all of their code is open source and several other community sites are built on it. (

    I will say though, the code is not the hard part of building a community centric site. The success of IH and product hunt are due to the hard community building work of @csallen and @rrhoover and others!

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      Can you send me an invite to

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        I got you. check your mail 👍

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          Thank you!

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        I'm actually not a member my self haha

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      Thanks Chuck, I will check lobsters. You’re right about the hard part for sure.

      I have an idea for a niche community that’s very active on FB. This type of site would serve it great in many ways.

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    You could try a Discourse forum hosted on Digital Ocean with a one click install. I'd say that's pretty easy, although I don't think you can downvote on Discourse.

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      Will check, thanks

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    Give Hittly a spin, its a community software, somewhat IH style. I built it, let me know if you have any questions

    Check out the demo community site

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      This looks decent. :)

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    I am building a community reasonably similar to this but for a different niche. I just built it from scratch though. I would always recommend building from scratch (well I do use a framwork) as then you know everything about how every part of your product works.

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    the best is telescope
    also somewhat similar is open source:
    There are a few others. I've noted somewhere.

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      Does anyone else need open source recommendations to get up and running?