The easiest way to make $9,000 every month

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    While the points seem solid, this screams to me about making a content mill (regardless of perceived value it provides) more than anything else.

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      Yeah, maybe there should be a disclaimer, "read with caution."

      There are a few good tips in there. And my thought is, if you charge $100 and it doesn't provide the value you expected, people will ask for a refund and the product will fail.

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        Personally on top of all that, it just seems to be saying "ez money here just sell products regurgitating info instead of building things"

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          That's odd, I used to feel that way. When I think about it, all the books I read were not the first of their kinds. There are many authors writing on the same subjects, but we prefer one to another. It's about how they serve the content. When it comes to info products, it saves people time, as it's the most valuable asset for some.

          As oppose to what you said, building something is doing CRUD over and over again for different stuff. There are 100s of todo apps, social networks or whatever we can think of. All uses a DB, attached to an AUTH provider and expecting users to generate content.

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          Sure! I can definitely see what you mean by that. Sometimes these things land with people though. Only trying to be helpful.

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    Here is a 30min podcast where he explain more about his strategy.

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      Where can I buy your math masterclass? :)
      While the advice are solid, you are 100% true, it's a tremendous amount of work. And you have to find the content to post comments on.
      When I try to do this on my project most of the time I struggle finding content where I would have something meaningful to share...
      Then I go back working on it and have the impression that I procrastinated half an hour searching for content :D

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        Oh, sorry we are full now. Maybe next time. :)

        Yeah, without outbound reach it's destined to fail. 3% conversion out of 100 random comments sounds a bit exaggerated to me. Having at least 10 thoughtful comments a day on the topic should be a good starting point.

        He probably suggests to be absent in the scene with "I love it", "that's great", "there we go", "that's the spirit" kind of comments. Some people arguably pulls it off but the rest looks like a spammer.

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    Hi y'all - a friend mentioned this thread and I would love to share a few thoughts based on the conversation here.

    I think most content shared in threads like this fail to include all of the information. I know there are plenty of moving pieces that are over-simplified for the sake of fitting into 280 characters x 12 tweets.

    I had NO IDEA this would take off the way it did but I am glad that so many people resonated with it. The core message isn't so much about selling $100k worth of digital products in the next 12 months. It's more about shocking people into rethinking the complexity of online business.

    In short, it's about how value creation + sales is the core of every business in existence. Solving a core problem and getting it in front of your target market is the first step. It makes the assumption that someone has $100 worth of value to share and my hope is that they take the first few tweets seriously about building something that ACTUALLY helps people.

    Unfortunately most don't have the capacity to deliver value through technology/SAAS so leaning into a digital product like a course or book is the first step for them to monetize their value. Not a knock on what most of the indie hacker community is working on, just a simplified framework to get people thinking differently about how to create and deliver value to their customers.

    Also, this is A LOT of work. I spent 9 hours a day on Instagram when I first started and this is by no means meant to be a "get rich quick" situation. I would just rather spend 9 hours on Instagram talking about a topic I love with people I can help than sitting behind a desk working for someone else.

    Love the conversation and happy to discuss further.

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    Great thread @jsjoeio.

    This stood out to me:

    "Your primary goal is to understand the problem a group of people is experiencing and create a ROADMAP to their desired outcome. "

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