May 2, 2019

The first million is the hardest. How can I take it to the next level?


Hello all, I'm Jack and recently launched with my co-partner this January just gone. We've hit that slump, you know the one, post-launch depression. We currently make the equivalent of $20 a month, which is enough to keep us running.

Any advice or tips on how to take projects to the next level?

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    YOu gotta start pushing your brand on social media. Start cheap and start on Instagram. Look to what brands you admire are doing. where can you differentiate? (Style, Niche SHirts, Messaging?) Get yourself a proper logo and choose some good brand colors then implement those onto your site.

    Look to gig sites to get someone to help out with Social Media. Develop a posting schedule. Look to use an influencer​r or two nothing too expensive. But you should start testing out where you can garner traffic from. This is gonna be touch and go. You have a ton of badass brands try to carve out a niche for yourself. (Street waer, Party Wear, Skate wear etc.)

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      Great! I'm going to concentrate future efforts on marketing and making slight improvements to the site from a UI and SEO point of view. Appreciate the response!

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    Any way to take it directly to the site when they click the picture and then just make a picture grid without text/price? Less friction might get better conversions

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      Sure, that makes sense, I'll look to implement it in the next update.

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    I gotta give it to the title :)

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    First of all, your site looks broken.