Landing Page Feedback September 27, 2020

The first software I ever sold, any feedback on this landing page?

Tony Dinh @tonidie

After some final touches, I decided to push out the new landing page today.

How much do you understand from the page alone? I really appreciate any feedback!


EDIT: if you would like to try the app but can't afford the price or don't have XCode to build, please drop me an email to [email protected], I'm happy to send you a free build.

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    Cool stuff. Simple, easy to understand and right to the point. I like the idea of this product - people paste way too many things on the internet without knowing what is happening.

    One thing, and it's minor, but developers LOVE dark theme. Your page is very bright. It's like going outside after a 10 hour binge coding session in the dark.

    I wish you the best with your product!

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      Thank you! Pasting data to random websites is exactly what I'm trying to solve here.

      Oh, and the page does support dark mode, there is a CSS condition that detects your browser's theme, so maybe you are seeing the light version because your PC/browser is set to the light theme?

      I'll add a light/dark theme toggle button somewhere, I just don't know where to put it yet...

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        I am using Windows 10 set to dark mode. I am using Edge and I do not see the dark theme. I tried using Chrome and had the same results.

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          Oh wow, I'll need to test the page with more version of Edge + Window (if you can help provide your browser version that would be great!).

          Thanks for letting me know!

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            For Edge, it's 85.0.564.51
            for Chrome, it's 85.0.4183.121

            (both are Chromium based)

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    Very clear, took me 2 secs to understand what is does.

    • Screenshot is perfect, doesn't make me guess what your product does. Most websites throw at you walls of text with buzzwords and you still can't figure out what they do or what they're selling.

    • Simple explanation with big text. If i decide i want to know more from the screenshot the text is clear and to the point.

    Basically, it covers the 3 questions.

    • What it is / what is does.
    • How much does it cost.
    • Where can i get it.
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    I get it. Great way to use visuals to demonstrate what the product does.

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    looks nice. reminds me of that app for viewing API docs, or even the GCHQ tools
    which are nice cos you can create pipelines of transforms.

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    I really need to understand the benefits over the web alternatives like which I don't see clearly there

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      I spent a lot of time to make DevUtils be easily accessible (global shortcut key, auto-detect content from clipboard, context menu, etc...), that's why I build it with Swift so it integrates nicely with macOS. This is something you can't find in CyberChef.

      However, CyberChef is one of the inspirations for me to build this app. I definitely have a plan to add the pipelining ability and custom scripts so people can add their own tools.

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    I almost never read the actual text other than a heading on landing pages.

    That being said, I figured out a lot by just looking on the image. It's an app that provides all the common utilities that people end up Googling for.

    I like the styling, it's simple. Not sure if this would make any difference but I think (assuming your text gets longer) to keep the left column fixed and only have the right column (with the text) scrollable.

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      Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad that the image is helpful. I tried a lot of landing page templates but end up just use the bare minimum HTML/CSS. It turns out not too horrible 😄

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    I understood what your software is about from the demos videos. But not from the landing page. Too many things competing for my attention and didn't quite understood the benefit (until I've read the privacy part).

    Maybe try a headline like: "Stop pasting JWT Strings on Random Online Tools". Where you'll replace "JWT* with "Base64", "Query", you've prob. seen these headlines where one part of the text is changing each 5-6 seconds.

    I think your product may have an appeal to developers who are concerned about privacy. Good luck with it :)

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      Thank you for your valuable feedback! You are right, privacy is one of the selling points of the app.

      I like the idea of "rolling text" in the headline as your suggestion, I have seen it in a few places (and currently, the page doesn't have a real "headline" anyway).


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    Hey @tonidie,

    I liked the simplicity of the landing page. I can understand easily that the app has got some small features such as JWT Debugger, Unit Time Converter.

    On the other hand, maybe the demo page can be injected into the main page directly. What if I can select every small tool somewhere on the left and I can see that tool's page?

    Good luck with your sales.

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      Thank you! I'll really consider making the demo easier to access for the visitors.

      By the way, if you want to try the app, feel free to drop me an email [email protected] (or leave your email here). I'm happy to send you a build for free. Thanks!

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    I like this product. My main anxiety is this: how do I know you're not going to be using this tool to harvest stuff from my machine? I'd clarify a few things about that in an FAQ maybe, talk about the fact it's a notarized app maybe.

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      Hi Pascal, I'm glad that you like the app :)

      The app is open-source (mentioned in the page), so you can actually read the source code to make sure nothing shady in there, and also build the app by yourself.

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        That's right. Hadn't thought of checking.

        1. 1


          Small bug I found. The Sample button in the JSON Formatter gives me "Invalid JSON" after seeing what looks like the correct formatted JSON output for a second.

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            Hi Pascal, thanks for your support!

            The JSON format issue is a bug due to auto smart quotes (a system-wide setting). I have received a few reports about it and will fix it in the next version.

            A temporary workaround is to disable smart quotes in your macOS: System Preferences... > Keyboard > Text > Untick "Use smart quotes and dashes". Sorry for the inconvenience!

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      Also, quick note about the "if you can't afford..." mention in your post. The price is fine for the value you provide. The price is rarely the product's main anxiety.

      Get rid of all the other anxieties your buyer might be having (legitimacy, safety), and be confident about your fair price.

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        This is very useful! This is the first time I sell apps, there is a lot more for me to learn. Thank you!

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    My advice to make slideshow from screenshots. They are pretty descriptive on its on own.
    And you can play video after click on slideshow. This will make this page obsolete

    If you move text down I think it will help visitors to focus on one thing at a time.

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    Its a nice landing page and the features are communicated well , there is a tendency to overcomplicate landing pages and your page has avoided going down this path.

    I would replace the app screenshot you currently have in the landing page with the video from the demo and screenshots page. Show, not tell

    I'm not so sure about giving the app source code away free. Assuming that the target customer is a developer who is well versed in building code, then its only fair that they should pay for it, but not everyone is like that .

    Perhaps adopting a freemium model would be more appropriate here . The free / unlicensed version of the app would have MVP functional, a limited number of tools. Purchasing a license and activating it would turn on the full product functionality

    Hope this helps

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      good point with the landing pages and that people tend overcomplicate them. would be awesome if you could post 2 examples that you think are good and bad. i think creating the landing page is one of the most difficult parts. you get about 3 seconds to shout out your message. i really struggle with getting that right.
      thanks for any example, further read, best practices, or link. much appreciated!!

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      Thanks for your comment, John!

      Yeah, I have been considering a lot about open-source the app. I feel like it is a necessary step to gain the trust of the users (who are also developers).

      As for the freemium model, I guess I can make a more advanced close-sourced version and sell that while keeping the basic one free and open-sourced. Still not sure if it's a good path to pursue. I still have more tools and ideas to add to the app.

      And thanks, I'll consider replacing the image with a video (or maybe lazy load it).

      Really appreciate your feedback!

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    Some thoughts:

    • Theres too much text to read. I think you should put the details/features below the image and make the headline bigger
    • Image is too big. I think replacing it with quick video or gif would be better.
    • Took me some time to understand what your product does.

    Good luck!

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      Thanks for the feedback, Basel! I'll definitely review the text, many unnecessary words are there.

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