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The Linkedin ad that's just for Harry Dry

When you really want someone’s attention, you’ve got two very good options…

  1. Send them a thoughtful and well-written email
  2. Turn up at their home with a boombox

GDPR made option #2 very illegal (if it wasn't already), so let's use it as a metaphor for pulling out all the stops.

Here’s an example. I wanted to start a conversation with Harry Dry about a site I just put live. Email seemed like the boring option.

So I created a Linkedin ad campaign that targeted everyone at Marketing Examples (Harry’s business on Linkedin) and then all wedding DJs from Scotland and Wales to make up Linkedin’s minimum audience size of 500 people.

Did it work? Well, no. Not because it wasn’t a sound approach (you’re in heaven, remember?), but because Harry was taking a break from Linkedin.

Here's how he responded on Twitter:

'I didn't see it. Been off LinkedIn. But well... now you got my attention — “Costly Signalling Theory”'

“Costly Signalling Theory” is an evolutionary theory which explains that - among hunters - pulling out all the stops to catch a mammoth, not just a deer, makes you more likely to find a mate. Although it’s wasteful, it supposedly sends a strong message about the type of person you are.

I only spent £30 on the campaign because just a few wedding DJs clicked over the two weeks the ad was live, so not too wasteful.

So... reckon you'll use this technique on your most important influencers?

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