September 25, 2019

The most motivational thing I've seen in my inbox in a long time


I've gotten testimonials before from people who have learned from Alchemist Camp and gotten new jobs or leveled up in their careers, usually after making the jump from JS, Ruby or PHP to Elixir. But usually, it seems like those were people doing well who would have found a way no matter what.

Today is different. Somebody who clearly was in a rough spot is now in a much better one... this is the most motivating feedback in the world.

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    What a satisfying moment! Keep doing what you're doing, you are very much appreciated!

  2. 3

    That is awesome. Helping someone change their life for the better is an incredibly rewarding experience. Great job!

  3. 2

    Nice work man! I used to teach at a CSCI bootcamp, and I was so excited when my first students graduated and most of them texted me about the job they got.

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    I've been lurking on the site for a while and this was what pushed me to finally join. I hope one day, I can find this feeling that you are feeling right now.

  5. 2

    oh.... right in the feels

  6. 2

    Priceless... Well done

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    Awesome, your content is so great, that was a matter of time before you get one like that :) If that can motivate you too, I learn a lot from all your video.

    Keep the good work :)

    1. 2

      Your tweets really were huge for me a year ago when my total earnings from the project were under minimum wage. Seeing someone with a much larger YT channel say mine was useful was super encouraging!

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    Great praise. Well earned. Congratulations!

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    Beautiful to see this!

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    Good work keep going

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    That is so awesome. Congrats!

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    This is awesome congrats !

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