September 1, 2019

The one hour project - Week 0

Mads Obel @madsobel

Howdy fellow hackers 👋

I am going to start a new project/experiment. I call this "The one hour project", not because it only takes one hour to do, but because I am going to dedicate one hour to it a day.
I've been a full time developer for a couple of years now, but recently took a job where I unfortunately don't get to code that much anymore, and kinda miss that. So reasons for doing this in the first place:

  • Get to code some again
  • Work on a project that is completely mine
  • Experiment with what can be done in one hour a day
  • Be as transparent about the process as possible
  • Maybe make a dime or two

I'll be picking up an old project I scratched some time ago, which I still think is a good idea and something I would like to use my self:
vBio, I wrote a bit about it here:
I'll be posting a weekly update every Sunday here, so any one that might be interested in following along can do so 😎

Let's do this 🤙

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