Meta November 2, 2020

The one thing I love about this community

Dagobert Renouf @dagorenouf

Is that since I'm based in France, I see new posts by Asian makers in the morning, Europeans makers by noon and Americans by the end of the day.

It gives a nice feeling of "we're all in this together, wherever we are in the world!"

Feature request: live world map of active users 😀

Cheers from France!

  1. 2

    Cheers from your neighbor in the south ;)

  2. 2

    That would be super....

    They could even use Stripe's globe 😀

    1. 1

      oh wow, I had no idea this was a thing, just looked it up. Amazing tech.

  3. 1

    Oh that's a great idea. Do you schedule your posts accordingly? We try to, i.e. if we think our content will appeal to a US audience, aim for 4pm GMT. If for a European audience, aim for 8am GMT etc.

    1. 1

      I didn't think of that actually :). What I've noticed though is that posting in the morning allows to get European upvotes first. That way when Americans wake up, my posts are already trending, and gather even more votes from them. Momentum.

      1. 2

        That's a good idea. It always feels like in Europe we have a slight advantage posting on Product Hunt so by the time Americans log on, your product already has some upvotes.

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