Product Development June 24, 2020

The Product Management Blueprint

Mark Karimov @markk

Hello product makers!

I have attempted to visualize what the profession of Product Management could look like as some sort of a blueprint.

So I've put together The Product Management Blueprint - an interactive tool that gives you a bird's-eye view into everything that a Product Manager should know and do.

It's as relevant to professional product makers as it is for indie hackers.

It can be used as a high-level reminder for Product Managers to cover all aspects of product development, as well as a deep-dive library of articles, books, examples, templates and tools that can help Junior as well as Senior Product Managers to sharpen their skills.

Have a look here, feedback is always welcome -

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    As a Product Manager, I can say I really like the on pager that you've built on this. Your technical skills are really shining too.

    Great work

  2. 1

    Thanks for sharing, Mark. I really like the blueprint concept and the interactive site is very cool.

    I've been thinking similar thoughts about a repeatable framework for no-code product development in a thread I created.

    As I mentioned in the replies section, the How portion of your blueprint is very similar to the way I've been thinking about a repeatable process. Very important to remember the Why and the What, too.

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    Not sure why this is underrated, but you built a great resource!
    Thank you Mark

    1. 1

      Thank you kindly. :)

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