Community Building June 1, 2020

The Small Group

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry
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    I'm trialling out online meetups atm here at Indie Hackers, it's not quite a small group, but I think we could potentially replicate some aspects of it.

    Regardless, I find it interesting from a community building perspective.

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      I was going to say... apparently the IH meetups are the perfect size :) "12" definitely feels like a nice size. I'm thinking of capping my own 'small group' meetups for my community at ~10-12 (15 max).

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    this is exactly the reason i did the cohort model in the beginning... keep things small!

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    Thanks for sharing, Rosie! Very interesting blog post!

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    This has been the core of the Unreal Collective community and our Accelerator model (

    We have groups of 6 (5 members + me as facilitator) and generally run 2-4 groups concurrently. It's been fantastic. For an hour long meeting, that ~6 number is perfect; but I also know several who have that ~12 number and run 2-hour calls.

    It truly is special.