The small thing that swayed me to ConvertKit over Mailchimp

I was about to use MailChimp to make a list for my blog, but this small thing swayed me towards ConvertKit.

MailChimp requires a physical address that it publicly displays to all mailing list subscribers. Since I'm operating from my home, the only address I can use is my home address, which I'd rather not reveal. I could buy a P.O. box, but it seems a bit much, just for my small blog.

ConvertKit has a similar requirement, but with one crucial difference. They allow you to use their physical address! They'll open mail sent to you and forward it to your email. This is documented here: https://help.convertkit.com/en/articles/2502494-alternatives-for-your-physical-address?lmref=7geofA

While it seems small, I greatly appreciate this, as it's one less thing I need to worry about.

How have you handled this for your mailing lists? Do you put your home address? Purchase a P.O. box?

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    Many people/companies don't display address at all or missing important part or have a slightly fake address (meaning have a typo in the address).
    And those are quite big mailing lists.

    Some people provide address and mention by appointment only. Even if it's your bedroom's address, it sends a signal to people that it's an office where you pop in now and then.

    Another option is to ask your friends around that run a business whether you can use their address.

    It's nice that ConvertKit provides an address, but as long as you are good citizen, nobody will ever post you any bad news. I could see ConvertKit address as a bad solution if you are an influencer. Influencers get parcels with products to promote, etc. or random stranger sends you a poster. ConvertKit won't deal with your parcels.

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      Thanks Juris. Interesting that people give fake ones. I didn't see an option to totally not show an address.

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        I think Mailchimp has this option to delete the address in the footer. I'm not telling you it's right or wrong. :)

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    Most common I see is a virtual mailing address, such as ViaBox. Almost all of these are free too.

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      Didn't know about this! Thanks!

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    That's amazing, I had no idea they offered that. I was already experimenting with them but this may be the last little bit I needed to commit fully. Thanks for sharing.

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      Glad you found it useful Ryan!

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    Oh, that's interesting, I never realised it was an option. Thanks for sharing.

    I've used Mailchimp in the past and use my accountants address.

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      Thanks Rosie, maybe someday I’ll get to where I need an accountant 😁

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    I've had a Post Office Box for decades, so I just used that...not that I have subscribers. At least for me, the box has been well worth the annual fee, just because I don't need to worry about much when I move, and they've been extremely helpful over the years.

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      Cool, thanks for weighing in John.

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