The struggle with writing is real, but I persist! 😅

I've been really struggling with writing for Rosieland the past few weeks.

A reflective post.

I completely lost my flow and kept giving myself a hard time for all the things I wasn't doing. It's put me in a tough mental space.

This is my way of saying I've been super stressed by it all.

But bloody hell.

💯 I'm at issue 98 of my weekly curated newsletter, my 100th is in sight.

🗓 And I recently passed one year of publishing something (practically) every week.

🥳 This also means I've reached the point of renewal of paid subscribers.

👋 Moving away from Substack and creating my own thing has come at it's financial cost, but overall I'm super happy with the direction it's going. Money is not the driver for me.

Showing up, thinking and creating around community is my everything.

📈 I've never written and been so consistent with my writing in my life.

🐌 I'm playing the long and steady game, there's too much going on in my life to push this stuff faster.

🎱 I feel like I've dropped the ball on a few things, I do my best not to give myself a hard time for it. There are many imperfections.

Be kind to Rosie, Rosie.

🛌 After a 3-week break of not writing, I'm back, semi-refreshed and ready to review and adjust how I move forward.

✨ I'm confident that Rosieland is the most useful, relevant and indie-pendent community resource out there, not just in terms of writing, but also all the curation I've been doing.

I just haven't made time to communicate it well. This will come in time.

💡 The whole writing process has really enabled me to think through community building in a better and deeper way.

I'm so glad I started. I've changed because of it. My life is most definitely different as a result of it too.

If I didn't care so much about community building, I know I would have given up a long time ago.

Doing the things you love is what keeps me going. Not money. Not success.

❤️ Love what you do.

And here's the Tweet version.

  1. 2

    Hey Rosie, I'm only three posts into my self-imposed blogging challenge but I expect I'll hit the wall soon (and sooner than #98!).

    I think the slow-and-steady route is the right one. One trick I've found is to use the 'drafts' folder a dumping ground for ideas. Then I can just drop in and develop multiple ideas over a longer period of time rather than be blocked by one.

    1. 3

      I should add #98 are the weekly curated newsletters I've been doing, but then on top of that I've been publishing an article a week.

      So really it's 150+ posts.

      1. 1

        That's just showing off now ;-)

  2. 1


    I LOVE this, firstly let me say I have been building a community for over 10 years and I feel like this from time to time, even now..... it still gets me.....

    Crazy, ey?

    One that that really changed the game for me was to batch my content, I create as much as I can when I am feeling it or put aside time on the calendar to batch it.

    This was PAINFUL to start but then I got in the flow and the first piece was ok, but the rest became better and better (even on days when I struggled!) and I got so many other ideas and I ended up really creating some solid stuff, even my listeners and members were like 'Wow, that was good!' Really? I wasn't feeling it that day!

    so you are a rockstar !

  3. 1

    Hey Rosie,

    All the best on your writing journey.

  4. 1

    Thanks for keeping it real Rosie! Keep surfin the waves 🤙🏾

  5. 1

    📈 I've never written and been so consistent with my writing in my life.

    That's what counts the most, not the momentary blip. You're doing great!

    I've had a similar struggle with the IH podcast, where sustaining week after week, year after year, has been tough. Hiring a "podcast boss" has been super helpful for consistency, though. We meet twice a week over Zoom to co-work, and that gives me the nudge I need to never miss a week. Also makes working on the podcast a lot more fun to do it alongside someone else.

  6. 1

    I always felt that writing deep articles requires a lot of dedication and practice, but it's doable. Keep the practice and ask for community help if possible?

    How many subscribed readers you have now?

    1. 1

      About 100 paid subscribers, 2k free ones.

      1. 1

        Nice numbers, so you are way past the validation phase.

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