No-Code June 22, 2020

The time we decided to CODE the NO-CODE product

Gautham Santhosh @gauthamzz

When Product Hunt announced its NO-CODE Makers Festival back in 2019, I made Feature Monkey as a coda doc and it won in the 'tools for teams' category. But what made me more excited was that even after a year with and without any publicity there was still a decent amount of regular traffic. This made me realize that people need a product like this, and we decided to add some code to Feature Monkey.
Making a no-code MVP of Feature Monkey made us understand if the idea was good or not and if people wanted something like this or not without actually spending a lot of time and effort.

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    I have been using feature monkey to keep track of feature requests in It's a simple product that gets the job done without any BS. Thanks for including me in the free plan for Indie makers :)

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      We love supporting Indie makers as much as we can 😍

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    I really loved the creative you have posted so as the website, its clean.

    However i have seen a similar product called I believe its something similar to this?

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    Interesting story.