April 29, 2019

The ultimate, constantly fresh list of online communities about social media, digital marketing and online entrepreneurship

Mat Odysseus @odysseus

Hi indiehackers,

I compiled a list of communities about digital marketing, social media management or any other form of online entrepreneurship (naturally, IH is in it :)).

This list was started for my own personal needs, but I soon realized it would be a useful resource to anyone interested in building a voice and authority online.

The goal is to keep this list fresh and relevant so that it can become an evergreen resource for entrepreneurs everywhere.

There are a lot of entries (200+!), but I know I'm missing some communities around these topics.

I hope you guys find value in this list, but I also ask that you let me know if I'm missing some great community.



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    Thanks for putting this together

  2. 2

    Thanks nice list

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    Great list, thank you!

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    Nice list, which ones are your favourite? Or which ones do you find yourself spending time in?

    1. 1

      IH, GrowthHackers, HackerNews, tons of Quora, all the subreddits around marketing and social media and some smaller ones, some Medium publishers. Those are my primaries. I'm loving the FastLane and MPSocial forums lately too.

      I try to be as active as time allows in the Facebook groups, the other old school forums, and sometimes YouTube. Testing lots of Twitter and Slack chats as well.

      It's a constantly evolving process, there's not enough time for all of them so I'm always experimenting and communities are frequently swapped.