Newsletter Crew December 30, 2020

The Ultimate Guide & List of Newsletter Directories

Yaro Bagriy @yaroslawbagriy
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    Hey @yaroslawbagriy newsletters are seeing a renaissance and your resource list couldn't be timed better. Here is an idea for you - create an Airtable resource that is easier for people to search and add to.

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      Thank you! Like an AirTable anyone can edit to add amazing resources?

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    Great resource, I've linked to it on the sidebar of the Newsletter Crew group.

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      Wow thank you @rosiesherry really appreciate that :) I'm glad the resource is useful!

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    Thanks for the list and bookmarked.

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    Thorough list! I pieced together a list of ten of them but that can go in the trash now, just added a bookmark for your list instead. 👍

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      Let me know if there's any on your list that I didn't include. We'll be updating the list with any new newsletter directories too.

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        Good deal, you had all the ones on my list already.

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    Thanks for sharing this @yaroslawbagriy! Just few minutes back, I came across another post where a girl got her newsletter featured on the New York Times and she got a huge uptick in her subscribers. I guess SEO gets a big boost if something like this happens!

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      Yes @niviachanta had such great results! And agreed, that is some legit backlink traffic there.

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