April 16, 2019

The use of slogans

Justin A @rapidmon33

Anyone spend considerable time thinking up a slogan for their product?
I am finding that the right slogan makes a world of difference.
It gives a succinct yet precise message about your product.

Just wondering if anyone else has observed this as well and if they put in the time to come up with one for their product.

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    As a user/consumer, I do find slogans very useful. Encapsulating what the solution does in a few words, which is not always obvious from the name alone usually.
    For my new startup (https://officebots.io/) I am starting with "Automate your boring, repetitive office tasks".
    That said, it's v1 of the slogan, so if anyone knows tricks as to how to A/B test slogans to tweak it for better efficiency, I'd be grateful :)

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      Just signed up. Looking forward to launch time. This sounds like something I might need. Don't know what for at the moment.

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        Thanks @rapidmon33. At launch there will be a couple free Bots to start with, but focus will be on building custom Bots.
        Looking forward to see if anyone here has ideas as to how to A/B test slogans!

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    I have taken quite some time to think my product slogan or tagline. Still, I'm yet to find a right one. Any idea how you know your tagline or slogan is good?

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      For me, a good tagline communicates expectations in the most concise way possible. And the wittier the better.

      For example:
      Our app Lazy Jar is a fitness app that charges you money any week you don't work out adequately enough. Technically speaking the app is free provided you workout adequately every week.

      So a tagline that seems to work very well for us:

      "We're like a gym you only pay for when you don't go."

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        Very good example. I see good taglines also as a tool for customers to tell their friends about you. They will read/your tagline a few times and when they tell a friend about your business, they will probably use your tagline as an eyplanation: "X is an app like a free gym, only you pay when you dont go".

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          I forgot about that part. That is so true.

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      google the golden circle. Basically answer the question "why, how, what". The why you do your thing essentially becomes your slogan.

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