Productized Services March 13, 2020

The virus which made us remote

Max Goldenberg @goldenmax

The Corona Virus outbreak could be an excellent opportunity for you to change your habits. Since this madness started, I had several meetings changed from “in-person” to video call.

That’s not bad at all. Because if everything works out just fine, you shouldn’t have that meeting in the first place.

Same thing happens with the rest of our daily activities. If some of your duties can be replaced by a non-centralized, online tool… well… it’s time to change.

Don’t get me wrong: of course, I want to showcase what we do at Decision Mate, but I’m truly convinced that you can use our tool to avoid gatherings with people in a room with the secret fear of being infected by some mysterious virus.

Decision Mate is perfect for that. You can test your content (video or audio), your new landing page, even your shiny app before going live. The good news is that you can target as many people as you want without the need to have them in the same room.

We process every interaction (clicks, open text inputs, multiple choices, etc.) and show the results on a beautiful real-time dashboard.

You can get the same information (even faster and cheaper) with way less effort and stress.

In the meantime, nobody has to travel to a specific location, pay a dime on parking and expenses on putting a group of people in motion.

Plot twist: this is not related to the Corona Virus at all. It’s about evolving to a new online standard.

If you can be remote, be remote. Period.

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    any reason is a good reason

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      Agree 100%

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    If you can be remote, be remote. Period.

    I disagree with this pretty strongly. I'm not by any means saying that remote work is bad, but I think there's some nuance to it. We're all humans, and have human needs, and sure, working remotely may ALWAYS be more efficient... but do we always have to chase efficiency at the expense of humanity? What if you have a whole company of people who PREFER working from an office, even at the expense of a 12% drop in productivity?

    Maybe we'll find out in 10 years that remote working has no negative impacts on the human psyche. That'd be great. But I think, for now, saying to always go remote if you can PERIOD is a little strong.

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      It's a good approach and kind of agree with you. I'm not saying that we shouldn't interact. What I was trying to point out (and I obviously failed) it that this (awful) virus showed that, sometimes, we can be remote.

      Work remotely does not means work alone.

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        Totes agree on that!

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