Daily Stand-up September 27, 2020

#TheCommitals: Weekly Check In (Week 40)

Janice @Janice

How did you fare last week?
What's on deck for this week?
What's your goal for the month?
[Optional] Still on target for end of year goal?
[Optional] Brief description of project with link (if applicable)

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    Last week: Vacationed. Hard.
    This week: More of the same. (But I do plan to "soft launch") on LinkedIn this week!)


    Name. Diversity Decoded
    Tagline: Refactor your tech team for diversity.
    Elevator Pitch: A daily newsletter of short, actionable insights for tech leadership to build and retain diverse talent.

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      Loved the website and the design, keep updating.

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      Make sure to keep the priorities where they are needed (and that's vacationing!)

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      Offtopic: Really nice design!

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      I'll keep my eye out, but be sure to tag me when you do! That's an instant reshare

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    [Last Week]
    Definitely switched over to the mobile app via Unity. Got a fantastic base laid down.
    Also spent some more time experiencing the very things I started this project to begin with. It's a little different for me as I went Firebase/Cloud Functions for this project so I had some learning to do

    [This Week]
    I will be pinning on the important friend matching features and custom onboarding this week.
    Stretch goal is to work on UI and push notifications.

    Lift Academy
    Safe online community for kids with classes/events/friend matching

    [Year End Goal]
    $10k MRR. Maybe on target?

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      If you're saying "on target" does that mean that new customers are signing up on a regular bases?

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        I mean that as opposed to the last couple of weeks where I was definitely not on track, I am back headed towards that. It’s not going to be organic, I dialed in acquisition costs and conversion mechanic on the web-based version of the software. The app version will lower the barrier a bit, and is more geared towards the target audience.

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          Ah OK, got it.
          Growing organically takes time and a lot of luck.
          Knowing how-to lower the barrier for the target audience certainly helps a lot.

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    How did you fare last week?
    Support for VMware Player 16.0 is starting to look like it will be solid.

    Which means that Vimalin is about to support more products from VMware. On Windows it will work for VMware Workstation Professional and VMware Player and on macOS Fusion Player as well as Fusion Professional.

    What's on deck for this week?
    Get Vimalin released with the new VMware Player support.

    Goal for the month?
    Incremental progress... make sure things keep on moving forward.

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