July 20, 2019

There’s usually an escape hatch.

Alex Daro @AlexDaro

Like most red blooded engineers, I sometimes get overly analytical about a situation or problem that I am facing. I’ll think myself into a corner and have a hard time finding my way out. Today I fixed that.

I closed my laptop, went for a stroll in a nearby park, sat down on a bench, cleared my mind for a bit and before I knew it the solution was right in front of me.

It’s important to give yourself an escape hatch. Alternative solutions come from alternative thinking.

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    Same thing happened to me today. Stuck on small nitpicking details, motivation went down so I closed the laptop, went to do laundry... :) anything away from the computer can be an escape hatch !

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      Absolutely! Glad you found some refuge. 🏝

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    Naps, long walks, and meditation do wonders.

    I think being away from concrete low- level things like text, images, docs etc helps you focus on the high-level ideas, assumptions, or aims.

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    Yup I do the same thing. Usually the answer comes out of nowhere, not from sitting in front of my screen and agonizing over it.