Ideas and Validation February 22, 2021

There should be an NFL combine for app developers


So I just finished breaking this down on

If you’re building an MVP on a budget, it’s hard to know what level of quality you are getting when it comes to contracted app and web development. Even if the company you use is “based” in the US, the coding is usually done overseas by commoditized coding labor. I think someone with more technical knowledge than myself should create a gamified skills and quality test at the individual developer level.

What This Is

  • Similar to bench / broad jump / 40 yard dash tests in athletics you’d create different skill based tests for common tasks involved in mobile app and web development
  • Score is a combo of speed (since app development cost is in some way a direct or indirect function of hours) x accuracy (which is quantifiable) x looks (which a judge can score). Then you multiply all of them together for an aggregate score
  • There are language specific tests (Java, PHP, C++), role specific tests (front end vs back end vs full stack) and also general knowledge tests that everyone takes (like the 40 yard dash)
  • Similar to positions in football, not expected to score high on sprinting if you are a lineman and don’t need to take the throwing test at all if you are a safety

Would indie hackers get behind something like this? Take a look at the full analysis and let me know

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    Love your newsletter. It's getting better and better with every issue! 🎉

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      Thanks for reading @nikwen you’re feedback is always appreciated

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    If you want to steal a better idea...
    Have a specific project management platform made for a function level development lets say

    • function has to be "designed", to input, output, and functionality level
    • tests have to be constructed for input combination and expected output
    • code should be provided that pass all the tests
    • code should be reviewed that it passes the tests "for real" without cheating/optimising for them

    (can be extended to performance reviews for example
    should also pass common linter testing)

    so that's a building block
    you could also cover the joining of building blocks and such

    you'd might only need a single trusted high level person to manage the project technically by doing architecture, block splitting and doing some minor review/QA

    could put all of this under a dynamic market system where anyone can apply to work on any small part and be rewarded with the bounty once confirmed work.

    so the entire idea is that your automating that lowest bidder coding
    while putting systems in place to verify quality

    it's just basically connecting tools that exists to form a sophisticated market that auto join provided components to create a bigger part that's your "end product" (probably need a better term..)

    This also is smart work that could be done quicker as it splits parts more efficiently

    (you could get into more details like design and user acceptance testing and such)
    but basically making a programming/developer agency into a sass/marketplace service while increasing quality etc..

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      Sound like some great technical ideas to apply to this!

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