May 20, 2019

These SaaS Companies Are Unbundling Excel – Here’s Why It’s A Massive Opportunity

Ross Simmonds @thecoolestcool

Excel is the biggest competitor for most SaaS companies.

The economy runs on it.
Your customers probably still use it.
And it's had a 23 year head start on the market.

The unbundling of Craigslist created billions of dollars in value for startups. Whether it was Stubhub <> Tickets or Tinder <> Missed Connections -- there are plenty of examples of consumer companies created on the back of the Craigslist giant.

For SaaS - that giant is Excel/Spreadsheets.

Here's a graphic showing just some of the companies that have been unbundling elements of Excel to create millions (sometimes billions) of dollars in value.

And here's a deeper take on the opportunity:

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    Love this! Made me wonder... after Craigslist and Excel, what's next?

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