This is about COPYWRITING 💥

Hi there! 👋

This post is not about blogging itself but it's about copywriting, which is necessary for blogging that generates sales.

Yesterday I was looking for some groups to join on Indie Hackers and i realized there is no group of copywriting!!! 😱

So I decided to create one by myself.

This group is a place where you can share and get copywriting tips, and also share your texts (blogs or any text) so any of the members can review them.

👉 https://www.indiehackers.com/group/copywriting

If you care about copywriting and want to grow your sales maybe this group is a great option for you (both if you are copywriter or beginer)

I'll also share copywriting tips every week.

Let's grow by writing! 😍

Thank you so much

  1. 2

    Great idea @copybycarmen, love this. Looking forward to this with excitement :)

  2. 2

    Great idea!! I have been seeking a community to nerd out about copywriting with :)

    1. 1

      This is your group then hahaha

  3. 2

    This is a fantastic idea. I'm looking to launch my own blog on Thursday. This groups going to be super helpful as I'm a complete novice when it comes to blog and copy writing.

    1. 2

      Sure! It will help you a lot, I'll post tips and you'll be able to share your blog posts in case you have any doubt about them 🙌

  4. 1

    Muy Buena idea Carmen, mi copywriting deja mucho que desear...

    1. 1

      Me alegro de que te guste Michael, espero que si entras en el grupo aprendas mucho y también aportes.

      Nos vemos en el grupo de Copywriting 😏

      1. 1

        Mas que gustar, es una necesidad. Sinceramente, aportaré poco al principio..

        1. 1

          Bueno, puedes aportar interactuando. Hace un rato he publicado un post para que os presentéis, si quieres puedes pasarte por ahí y contarnos un poco más sobre ti, que te conozcan todos 😁

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