THIS JUST IN: Startups suck at pricing strategy...we're here to help for Free.

Hello Indie Hacker fam! 👋

My co-founder @diegoatproxii and I want to work with YOU and feature YOUR startup or indie project in our latest video series on pricing strategy...for FREE!

🎥Here's a 2-min vid explaining the who, what, why & how: https://youtu.be/FVIhSvZpC8k

👀There's no catch or gimmick...just 2 ex-digital strategy consultants who love to help grow startups and build useful content around our journey.

If you're in, add a comment with your landing page URL below 👇

*Tagging some of the other startups / indie hackers we've already worked with in previous video series 👉 @fillippo_b , @Reeatrows , @prasanna , @catalinionescu , @kylegawley , @shivamv

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    Ohh nice one.

    This is the landing page.


    And pricing page.


    The templates are sold individually or as a bundle.

    The bundle is $69 dollars and the individual templates is $29 dollars.

    Individual templates.


    We also offer 2 free templates.


    Let me mention that we are selling, but not like to quit our job. With $300 and $500.

    Thank you for doing this, really appreciate.


    1. 4

      Hey @Michael_Andreuzza - really slick looking landing pages. I'm a sucker for dark mode and 3D! Most of the companies we've worked with are more so selling SaaS so I think it would be very interesting to work with you and your team on pricing strategy of a digital product - looking forward to it! I'll post back here but just in case it takes a week or two to get your video published, might want to consider subscribing to the channel ;) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRglDsIjBqpmNqFLtwiBK_A?sub_confirmation=1

      1. 3

        Thanks a lot Jhon, me too. I can't help it but enjoy dark mode....

        Oh, wow, so this means you are going to make a video of wicked?

        If so, that's amazing and couldn't be happier.

        I was looking the videos this morning before going to work... Like a quivky, the sound interesting.,jusy subscribed too.

        We are currently working only two me and @gperales, feel free to ask anything if needed.

        Is there anything you guys need from my side?

        Thank you so much.

        1. 2

          @Michael_Andreuzza & @gperales - #teamdarkmode haha

          Yes, I think it would be awesome to feature what you guys are building and to give you some help/advise around pricing strategy!

          Looks like I've got your email from your website, will likely reach out there with a question or two when we get going.

          Thanks for the support, cheers and have a great rest of the week!

          1. 2

            How kind John! Can't wait to see it. Oh, that should work yeah.

            Oh, that reminds me that hellow@wickedlabs is gone. If you have that one you can change it to [email protected].

            It reminded me to change it on the site....thanks a lot!

            Thank you too John, and have a good one!

  2. 3

    John & Diego - thanks for doing this guys! This is awesome. Just subscribed to your channel.

    Also would love to shoot my shot to participate here, somewhat similar situation as @pbteja1998 :)

    Our product is post-launch (beta), but still pre-pricing as of now. Offering 1 mo. free trials to all new users while we get our pricing model finalized, so this is a super timely series.

    Here's the landing page (pushing an update in a few days): https://blossom.team/

    Can I share our pricing page with you via email / Twitter dm? It's a UI mockup for now - won't be deployed for a little while, so no URL to share.

    Thanks again!

    1. 4

      @aj_alkasmi Appreciate the sub and support!

      Looks like a cool product you're building with blossom! How do I become a career coach? ;)

      Might have to feature TWO startups in our video on pricing strategy for companies just starting out!

      And of course, you can dm @askproxii (our twitter handle) @DiegoatProxii is our Chief Twitter Officer amongst his many other titles

      1. 3

        Thanks John!
        Awesome - I'll send it over via twitter DM

        edit: @JohnatProxii / @DiegoatProxii Follow me back on @alkasmi27 so I can send you a dm ;)

        1. 2

          Just followed you back. Looking forward to it!

  3. 3

    Hey John,

    Just saw the video :)

    Would love to hear what you guys would tweak here: https://mogulnetworking.com/

    My pricing has gone from Free -> Free + $5/mo plan -> $5/mo plan only -> $10/mo plan

    1. 2

      VERY slick looking landing page @raroque ! How have the price modifications worked out in your opinion?

      1. 2

        Big fan of the parallax effects on scroll...bit of a design nerd🤓

      2. 1

        🙏🙏 appreciate the kind words!

        I believe they’ve been overall very good. The growth hasn’t slowed down from the $5 -> $10

        The only thing I’n considering is bringing back the free plan in combination with the $10/mo plan. There would definitely be more overall growth (more word of mouth, sign ups, etc...) but I don’t know if it’s enough to offset the possible revenue loss.

  4. 3

    Would love to be featured! I just increased my pricing yesterday by 66%, but would love to hear what you guys think. Website is https://sharemyinsights.com

    1. 2

      @tim103 love that you took the leap and are being proactive about your pricing! What was your rational behind the change?

      1. 1

        Hey! Well, as my product has evolved over the past year - I've become pretty much in-line with my competitors feature wise (maybe even better) however my pricing was about 25% of what some of the others charge.

        So this increase may be big in % however it still puts me lower than my competitors. I'm not sure if I should go higher, or if I went too high yet - but would love your input.

  5. 3

    Well done, guys! I just watched your youtube video, looking forward to your series!

    What a coincidence, because I'm currently debating myself not just on the price, but on the pricing model for my product timeivy.com.

    I see it as a potential fit for freemium, complemented with both in-app purchases, ie. users can either buy more plants, pots, etc or upgrade to premium plans with all-inclusive. I might get more of a viral effect with this strategy, but I'm a little scared because everybody says that freemium is simply not good for indie hackers.

    On the other hand, I could just go down the "try x days for free" path. Probably at the expense of a slower growth, but maybe easier to handle?

    It would be cool to get to know your thoughts at some point!

    1. 2

      This is awesome timing @typologist! Thank you for reaching out and for the support on the video.

      Your head is in the right place! Sounds like your situation would be a great topic to cover. Not only what should your pricing be but HOW you go about matching the right pricing strategy with your business model / GTM strategy.

      We're trying to do 2 videos/2 companies per week and our backlog is filling up! So just in case I'm not able to reach you back here, please consider subscribing to the channel if you haven't already :)

  6. 3

    This is amazing! Not sure if you would work with pre-launch(pre-pricing) indie projects.

    But really want to shoot my shot.

    I am working on https://mdx.one and am finding it difficult how to price it. Right now, I just have a very simple landing page and a waitlist form. I am planning to launch it in the following weeks, but not at all sure how to price it.

    If you would want to feature something like this in your video series, it would be great!

    Really looking forward to this video series regardless.

    1. 3

      Here is my product page on Indie Hackers if you are interested.


      1. 3

        @pbteja1998 I very much appreciate the support and you shootin' your shot! We want to tell a variety of stories around pricing strategy. I think having someone who's pre-launch and just getting started like you is a fantastic story to tell and will be a great lesson for you and for indie hackers in your same shoes! Looking forward to it.

        1. 2

          Wow. You really made my day! Thanks 😇 Really looking forward to it.

          1. 3

            I'll post back here when we publish the video - we're shooting to publish 2 per week. Just in case I miss you though, might want to consider subscribing to our channel 😉

            1. 3

              I already did. Thanks 🙏 This is going to be great!

              1. 2

                Alright @pbteja1998 so sorry for the delay! But here's the video! Let me know your thoughts :) https://youtu.be/5a6gH4xT5OE

                To anyone else in this thread, we're working to pick up our cadence! Trying to do 1-2 videos per week. Still figuring everything out as we go and picking up velocity...even if it's slow, hopefully it's compounding!

  7. 3

    I know it's a bit meta but I'm just making a SaaS tool that helps SaaS founders find & set the perfect pricing for their SaaS: https://bychgroup.com/price-unlock/

    How would you advise pricing this? Flat/percentage? What about freemium?

    P.S: Upvoted you guys fro some visibility 👀

    1. 2

      Well it depends! I think we ought to do a video on analyzing the optimal pricing strategy for your SaaS pricing tool - pricing inception! 😀 Thanks for the support @chddaniel

    1. 2

      @dakl congrats on the recent launch - would love to dive into your pricing strategy here!

      Curious (something I want to ask all the companies we work with) - How did you come up with your current pricing tiers?

  8. 3

    Pricing is incredibly important and too many startups are saying, roughly, "Please someone pay me more than $0", when actually the best customers are willing to pay more than you expect.

    1. 2

      Amen @JHercules!

      Also, where are you seeing that Twitter handle? Ours is AskProxii -- or it should be at least! haha

      1. 3

        Direct copy from the original post: My co-founder @diegoatproxii and I want to work with YOU...

        Oh... his name is Diego. I get it now.
        I was seeing Die Goat Proxii not Diego At Proxii.

        1. 3

          Hahaha that's amazing - yes Diego "At" Proxii 🤦‍♂️

          Reminds me of the importance of punctuation -- two very different sentences:

          Let's eat Grandpa!

          Let's eat, Grandpa!

  9. 3

    Well, you know I need to comment!
    Site url: sturppy.com

    After the amazing work from the last time, I'm looking forward to this new series!

    1. 2

      We had a blast working with you and the Sturppy team! Can't wait to do a follow up vid on all the progress you're making 😜

  10. 2

    Hey All!

    Wanted to provide a bit more context to John’s post in case anyone is confused on what we’re talking about.

    Our growth community spends a ton of time talking about user acquisition and retention, and for good reason. They’re both extremely important to SaaS growth.

    But we don’t spend enough time talking about pricing strategy, and I can almost guarantee that if you didn’t spend the time to formulate a pricing strategy specifically for your product, you’re leaving money on the table.

    Just ask @KyleGawley, who in a recent post revealed how he increased his prices 800% and made a $100k (https://www.indiehackers.com/post/i-increased-my-prices-800-and-made-100k-in-revenue-ama-9ddfb4ee05)

    We want to help you make sure you’re capturing all the value you’re providing to customers!

  11. 1

    Hello! 👋🏻Sergio here. We launched our site less than a month ago:


    and here is our pricing Page:


    What do you think about that pricing? We're doing something different by charging by byte instead of minutes (we believe it's more fair to charge by the byte).

    Thank you very much!

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