April 12, 2019

This weekend I made 15 free logos for indie-products (update)

Robert van Hoesel @robert

Update Sunday 7pm
Wow, that was... cool! Thanks all for your kind requests and enthusiastic responses. I'd loved to make a bunch more, since I wasn't able to help everyone, but I'm totally exhausted. I might do this again in the future.

See the 15 logo's I designed in ~12 hours, I'm happy with the result!

Thanks everyone ❤️

(@ Fellow designers: Check in the comments if you see a project you'd like to help!)


Update Sat 8pm CET: Finished 3 more! The lucky ones can download their fresh logo including .sketch and .svg files – will continue tomorrow

Update (Sat. 2pm CET) – Wow so many nice projects! I just finished the first 9 logo's (see pic, or all designs here ). Time for a break. This is really fun and will get back to it later tonight.!


Original post

I always enjoyed making simple and effective logos for my projects. Currently I'm committed to my projects that don't need an other logo (again), but I would still love to flex my design-skills a bit. That's why this weekend I happily give away 4 hours of my time to try and design as many logos as possible for fellow indiehackers!

How does it work
I'll design a simple but polished logo that works great for digital and products:

  • A landscape logo that works on both dark and light interfaces
  • A square icon and favicon
  • In .svg and .png
    You will also get the .sketch file (can be opened in Figma) so you can tweak it.

No strings attached?
Nope, also not from my side (don't expect me to do 3 feedback rounds and such) – it's a take it or leave it. Worst case you use the logo as inspiration for something better (coined the McDonald's Theory ), best case I helped a fellow product-maker get a nice brand.
You'll get the full rights, I'd maybe like to boast in a couple of year that I designed the next unicorn's logo 😇.

Nice, how do I get one

  1. Post your company in the comments, with as much info and inspiration to help me nail it down. I.e. colors you like to see.
  2. I might ask some follow up questions
  3. Saturday or Sunday I'll work on as many as I can and post the results here.


  1. 3

    Hi Robert, thank you so much for the offer.

    I'd love a logo for https://remoteleaf.com. You can see my existing logo on the site itself. But looking for a good logo and site redesign.

    Remote Leaf helps you hand-pick the remote jobs that are made for you from about 40+ job boards & 600+ company pages. Using filters based on your skill preferences & location, Remote leaf would be able to know that job that befits you and send you job postings daily or Weekly to your inbox.

    1. 1

      Hi! Thanks for the kind words :)

      Here's a version you might like, I also tried using an envelope/email icon instead of the location pin, to highlight the fact it's an email service but like that a bit less.

      This should be a good step forward to use the colors & font etc for a nice redesign.

      Your logo

      1. 1

        Wow, that looks cool. Yeah I was also confused between choosing a email icon vs something related to remote work icon. The location pin looks very good. Sorry how do I download the svg/sketch file version of it, I can take it further with your stuff.

        Also will it look good if we specify Remote Leaf in a single line?

        1. 1

          Hi! You can find the original and svg files here – feel free to play around. I tried it on one line but imho it looks less strong as a brand. I can imagine that it might be more practical on certain places, which would still look nice.

          1. 1

            Wow, thank you so much. I'll play with that.

            One quick question? What are the tools that you have used to create all of these logos? Where did you got the icons from?

            Is there a logo design guide that you can share that will be helpful for us!

    2. 1

      btw, I just checked out your product https://consently.co/ and the landing page looks so good and neat. All the best for your side project!

  2. 2

    This is a really nice offer!

    I'm trying to get Logary (https://logary.tech/) turned into stand-alone product and find product-market fit for it.

    Its USP: an open source log router that you can run as a sidecar in k8s, or as a stand-alone service to ingest user metrics and logs via HTTP, TCP or UDP, to feed into your analytics/big-data backend pipeline.

    It has commercial addons, like the Mixpanel target for funnel analysis/churn analysis and the Opsgenie target for alerting/responding to problems and the library for .Net Core.

    Right now, it only has this dated logo https://github.com/logary/logary-assets/blob/master/graphics/LogaryLogoSquare.png — and it's very much in need of a refresher. The new site has colours all over the place, but I have at least the dark blue and cyan as the main direction.

    I'd be very grateful for assistance!

    1. 1

      Hi Henrik,
      I am more than happy to help this kick-ass project with a logo. Thanks for contributing to the F# community 👍

      The logo I created is a bit inspired by Microsofts' icons + Slacks new logo typeface. Hope you like it 😊

      View logo

      Let me know if you need more help.

      1. 2

        Btw, I am personally not 100% sure about the logo – If you prefer a bit more flat logo I am happy to take an other try.

        In any other case you can download the assets here

        1. 1

          Hi there, and thank you! I think I agree with you that the logo is not a solid fit. Perhaps something flat, like you say. I find segment's logo https://images.ctfassets.net/9u2t3ap6pctb/3sgyQGwR2EMkS2yaccKoU8/ce6616cac79f9434f3eaf4a11bbbb129/segment-logo.svg very nice, or perhaps there could be some adornishment above the text, below the top bar of the L? :)

            1. 1

              Do you possibly have these assets as well?

              1. 1

                Yap, I just updated the folder

  3. 2

    Hey Robert,

    awesome initiative! How about a logo for https://design-conferences-2019.com, a site that collects all UX/UI/User Research conferences and lets you filter by location, price, dates and duration.

    It was a Top 5 product on ProductHunt and you can read the story here: https://blog.prototypr.io/from-google-sheet-to-5-on-producthunt-in-10-days-5c60703ec7d2

  4. 2

    Thanks for doing this! My startup Makers Part List - https://www.makerspartlist.com could sure use one, as I just redesigned it. I leverage AI to help creators make more money from their content. This is done by analyzing what tools and materials they used in their tutorials and then displaying links to those items for their viewers.

    My sites current colors are: #28282a, #ff3366 (as accent)
    My past site version was https://makers-next-prod.herokuapp.com/

    I'd love to see what you come up with, and am happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks again!

  5. 2

    Hey Robert, here I am coming from the other post!
    I'd love to see an idea for my upcoming project tradugo.com
    Tradugo is a cloud-based tool for side-by-side translation. The focus is on creating a clutter-free, simple and pleasant-to-the-eye environment for translators who spend many hours reading and writing(especially those who do lengthy articles/book). I'd love a logo that could somehow reflect that focus on "text".
    thanks in advance!

    1. 1

      I really made it 'just text' with a soft a simple vibe to it. I think these colors can work really strong when use subtly, esp the dark grey (3rd color) is very well crafted for font colors.

      View your logo

      1. 1

        love! it funny, I actually considered using the ubuntu font sometime ago :)
        how can I thank you back? :)

        1. 2

          Pay it forward :)

        2. 1

          I like how you implemented the logo! If you want here are the raw resources and other variations of the logo. And nice to see the progress on the website! :)

  6. 2

    Hey Robert - this is an awesome idea!

    I'd love a logo for my Sales For Founders course (and/or accompanying podcast).

    I don't have a logo yet at all, but you can see the colour scheme/fonts from the landing page above, and there's something similar to a logo in my podcast thumbnail, here

    Thanks a lot in advance if you decide to have a go at this one :)

    1. 2

      A bit Bloomberg inspired, nothing too fancy...

      Your new logo!

      1. 1

        Nice, thanks!

        Feel free to reach out if you need help with anything marketing/sales related...

  7. 2

    Hi Robert, that is such a nice idea! I do have a new project of mine, a WordPress solution for handling sponsorships called "Simple Sponsorships". I've been struggling to get the idea on how a logo could look like and your expertise would be of great help.

    I am still not sure about colors and for now, I've focused on a purple (#6c63ff)/gold(ffdd63) combo. You can get more information about it on the plugin page (+ screenshots): https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-sponsorships/

  8. 1

    Hi! Thanks so much for this tremendous help!
    My tool is called “diiviid ” and allows customers to share recurring costs between friends / flat mates. Typically to divide bills.

    You’re the designer but I was thinking that each “i” could represent a person. To show a group of people sharing a cost.

  9. 1

    Hi Robert, this is an amazing offer.

    I'd like to submit https://projectgroceries.com for consideration. My current logo, which is visible on every page, was an attempt at a groceries bag. It doesn't have to be a groceries bag, but I would still like green to be the primary colour.

    Project Groceries makes it easier for teachers with cooking classes to keep track of groceries orders in their classes.

    Thanks for the offer and I hope you can give my logo a shot.

  10. 1

    Hey Robert, thanks for doing this!

    I'd love a logo for https://www.flarumpro.com/. We currently have a very basic one that's just the letter P on a purple background. Flarum Pro manages discussion boards / forums for your community.

    Thanks in advance!

  11. 1

    Hi Robert,

    That's a great offer, really love the fact that you are taking the time to help indie hackers.

    I created the logo of https://www.communitystash.com/ with Canva, but i am pretty sure you could do a better job.

    Community stash is a curated list of resources & tools for building and growing your online communities. Currently collecting signups for a soft launch!

    Thank you!!! :)

  12. 1

    Hi Robert,

    What an amazing idea!

    I'm about to launch a new website regarding privacy and a free internet - hoping to launch this summer focused on restricted internet communities

    The website address will be www.sneak.in and will provide users with free tools, along with selling custom devices aimed at people travelling to, or living in, locations with restrictions on press/speech/internet

    I'd absolutely love to see what you could imagine. I was thinking of a black and white colour scheme, maybe with the text missing elements like the Seeker.com typeface

  13. 1

    Really nice and simple designs so far!! I'm creating a community site for stock market investors called "Investor Zoo". It will basically be like an IndieHackers site for stock market investors.

    If you have some time, would love to see your logo take on this. Thanks in advance!

  14. 1

    Awesome! What a fantastic community this is 👏🏻

  15. 1

    Hi Robert, not sure if offer is ON. But I would love to have a logo for www.Advarisk.com it is a fintech dealing in NPAs, foresnsic investigation


  16. 1

    WoW, Awesome. We definetely need better a logo at http://painlesstracker.com

  17. 1

    Hey Robert! This is amazing! Thank you for the offer.

    Would love a logo for https://cryptojobslist.com — it's #1 site to find and post blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs. I've started it back in 2017, when I was looking for an engineering jobs in blockchain space myself, launched it with 0 expectations and now it's one of the top hiring portals in blockchain/crypto space.

    I'm proud to keep the vibe of the community as personal as possible, with internetz-native memes, gifs and ✨ Thank you!

  18. 1

    Hey Robert,
    Thanks for doing this. If you have any ideas for datewithwing.com, I'd appreciate it.

    Business name: Wing
    Colors: #f850e7, #192163, #5450c3, #6e68fd, #ebfaff is the color scheme.
    How do you capture: surprise, date nights for couples, convenience, spontaneity in a logo? Wingman/Winging it

    Thanks, Robert!

  19. 1

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks very much for your offer, really appreciate what you are doing for the community. I'm currently bootstrapping supplyui.com, a mobile screenshot library that categorises published iOS screens by product feature and additional metadata like font type and colour hex codes. Currently using #1f1f89 and #3878ff as my brand colours.

    As a thank-you for your work, if you are interested in using the product, I would like to give you free access when it's launched. I can be contacted at [email protected] and we could discuss further! Again, thanks for helping the community!

    Mark Robert

  20. 1

    Hello Robert!

    I'm launching a community called "scrappy". For the ambitious, bold and scrappy entrepreneurs

    Inspired by rock obsessed, rebellious news publications, like rolling stone.The audience will be generation z/ millennial. We will cover the unsung pioneers that do not conform to the status quo. scrappy is a community of the unstatus quo

    Design inspiration ( Kerang! SUPREME)
    ..also, pretty meta, that I could use a in-kind logo, using a scrappy method :)

    1. 1

      also, Kerrang as in the new redesign. Just in case you were doing looking it up lol :)

  21. 1

    Hi Robert -- super generous offer! Impressive to see what you can do in just a few hours.

    A logo would really help the project I'm working on: https://pythonworkout.com/

    Python Workout helps you build muscle memory for clean, idiomatic code. Think flashcards for coding best practices -- building an association in your brain between a task/problem and a well-known solution.

    I'm sure anything you could come up with would be a big improvement! My only thoughts design-wise were to maybe avoid barbells and other gym things that coders (like myself) have negative associations with.

    Thanks for doing this for the community! Even if you don't end up doing mine in particular.

  22. 1

    Hie Robert, thank you for this opportunity.

    We are working on Zeenger, a cryptocurrency payment gateway which enables the adoption of cryptocurrency into mainstream finance for the Zimbabwean economy.. Zeenger enables businesses to accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment and offers them a choice to cashout their proceeds as either cryptocurrency or a fiat currency of their liking ..

    I hope that you will design a nice logo for us😀

  23. 1

    Hey @robert, I'm building a productivity app for Android (and later ios). I don't have design skills and this is my first app/project so you can guess how nice your offer is for me. If you still have time left, I need icons for website and app.
    App name : Productivate (not final, but will definitely start with a "P").
    Colors : I like how bright yellow stands out like Pioneer.app . Don't know much but I dislike too flashy neon-ish accents. Need something bold, bright but not too light.
    Design : I think a capital P would do, with some uniqueness. Don't like curly designs. Prefer straight lines, cuts, angles, medium shadow.
    Note : My app is NOT another todo app or calender. It will really make you do more.
    Hope this helps, ask me anything.

  24. 1

    Hi Robert, I think what you’re doing is amazing!

    I’d love to participate with my work in progress project.
    Tattoo Assistant is an automated assistant for managing proposal reviews, scheduling, marketing and messaging/follow up. The goal is to enable tattoo artists to focus on the art and have a helping hand with the business management side of this.

    Thank you!

  25. 1

    Hey Robert! What an amazing thing you are doing here.

    I'd love a logo for https://coderstory.io/ . Right now it's just a simple circle and text because I'm not a designer and needed something quick.

    CoderStory is a platform for developers to learn from each other. Every week we have two new interviews from developers sharing their journey of how they got into tech, advising the next generation and where they see the future.

    If you're up for it, let me know! I'd be stoked!

    1. 1

      Hi Jess, nice platform!

      I made a simple but strong logo you can use :)

      View logo

      1. 1

        Amazing thank you! Did you say you have the sketch file? :D

        1. 1

          Yes, it's in here including all kinds of version of the logo

  26. 1

    Hi Robert, epic initiative.

    I’m in the middle of figuring the looks for my new venture. You timing couldn’t be better..

    I’d love your take on a logo for ZekerAdvies.nl

    ZekerAdvies guides Dutch users in the right direction when they need to arrange/request services and support from they local government or insurance companies. We want to explain people their rights and opportunities (for example, if you need care assistance at home, our tool will explain you what to do and how).

    I’ve been playing around with pixels, but combining the letters Z and A results in clumsy shapes. Something with a check mark might work, but that could also be too cliche.

    Hope you have some spots left in your queue.

  27. 1

    Hi Robert, thank you for your time.

    We love to see a logo for our upcoming product named getstatuscheck.com which is primarily to monitor websites and servers uptime and report to site owners. We're already into the server market for on-premise monitoring the application server and performance monitoring tools.


      1. 1

        Thank you so much! Nice btw. Thank you for the time

        1. 1

          @robert can I get logo svg file? Please
          I would like to connect with you regarding sales. Are you available ?

  28. 1

    https://goschedule.io You can see my current logo on the site itself. GoSchedule is an all-in-one appointment scheduling software to sell services online.

    1. 1

      I do like your current design and style, so didn't want to change too much. Instead I made a simple Icon have the action of 'Go' by using a cursor on a calendar. Hope you like it!

      View logoDownload Assets

  29. 1

    I'd love a logo for brisaboards.com :-) I'm thinking of using brisa.io instead so don't want "boards" in the logo. Brisa means breeze in Spanish. I've got a simple logo in the website already.

  30. 1

    Hey Robert, this is an amazing initiative!!!!! Congratulations for that! May I get one? :)

    My project: Diversifyn - Free tools & resources about personal finances.

    The go to place, central repository for all things related with personal finances and fancy/important topics such as: savings, money hacks, financial diet, FIRE, and many more.
    Friends saying that’s like a flipboard for personal finances.

    Vision is to provide knowledge and tools to increase the literacy about personal finances.
    How? A web platform and community.
    What? Repository website. But I will start with newsletter.

    URLs: www.diversifyn.com
    Twitter: @Join_Diversifyn
    Fb: /Diversifyn

    Could you help me getting a visual communication that’s translates reliability and engagement? :)

    Many many thanks in advance!
    Of course you can count with referral to your work.
    Open to clarify any questions.

  31. 1

    H Robert,
    What an awesome idea! I'm currently building BikeBuddy, a cycling app to go cycling a be social. Anyone, Anywhere AnyTime. It's not a racing/timetracking app. The purpose is to be flexible and make a healthy cycling platform independent of your level and age. I'll soon launch the MVP but would love to have your take on a logo and or app icon. Currently working with the colors
    #59BDE2, #0C8DB0, #90F0FF as the main scheme with #F3A838 as a call to action in some places to break apart. Also #FFFFFF and some black/dark gray for fonts. Would love to see what a creative mind like you can do :) I', an engineer :) Thanks in advance

    1. 1

      Hi Rasmus, thanks for your request!

      I made a little logo, let me know what you think!

      View logo

      1. 1

        Hi Robert, are the files available or how do I use it?

        1. 1

          Hi! You can find the Sketch file and images here :)

      2. 1

        Wow looks great. I really like the combination of the callout and the bike together. I think this will do great for my project!

  32. 1

    Hey thanks for the offer.

    I am currently developing an MVP for a product called NorthStar.
    It's a tool for organizations to keep alignment throughout the organization.

    I would love to see what you come up with.

    1. 1

      Here you go!

      I wouldn't use the font used too much for body text, headings only (preferably in caps), Montserrat as body goes great with it.

  33. 1

    If you’re interested in Motorsports, I would love some help and inspiration on a modern, edgy, and cool logo for a niche Motorsports app I’ve been building. The gist behind the idea is that a bunch or organizations and companies around the world host public events at racetracks around the world that are organized and run by spreadsheets. My platform, Paddock Tech, replaces those and is aimed at being the best place for drivers and event hosts to discover, manage, and run events from any device while at the racetrack.

    I haven’t fully decided on colors or my branding yet, but the idea is to be fun, engaging, strong, and reliable. The one main requirement is that it has to look good on a phone in the sun. I don’t have an official page yet, but I do have a landing page that should be quite helpful 🤞


    Good luck! Four hours and lots of hungry Indie Hackers is going to be tough!

    1. 1

      Hi @johnrichter – it was seriously challenging to come up with something less cliche. I tried to create a playful, solid and recognizable logo.

      Curious what you think!

      View your logo – Download assets

      1. 1

        Hi @robert, I’m right there with you. Trying to conceptualize how to differentiate my branding from the typical Motorsports flair has been quite difficult. I think you did a pretty good job! I was hoping you made some part of it look like a racetrack 😁 The placement of the start/finish line is great as well. I’ll probably make the text and “P” icon a bit less thick to make it feel a bit more sleek and modern.

        I can’t wait to integrate this into my app and website. Thank you so much for the generous support of myself and other Indie Hackers! 🙏

        1. 1

          Hi John,
          Hah your app designs heavily inspired it!
          You will also find a small other idea on the type itself in the Sketch file.

  34. 1

    Hey Robert, thanks for the offer!

    My side project is called Arabicly (https://arabicly.io). Its an online Arabic education platform for weekend school programs.

    I'm open to any color scheme you think looks best.

  35. 1

    Oh my, this is so rad.

    My new side project is called newkindofcharity.com. It’s an open source (free to use) project that helps people to start a nonprofit organization from scratch. The color is black and white.

  36. 1

    Hello, @robert

    At first thank you. If you have time my company to be is called swift-panda. We make video games. Mobile games mostly but we want to make games for many platforms. We are working as two indie developers. For the first version of our logo, we tried making a panda riding a scooter like Vespa. Because we are trying to make one game each month. Therefore we need to be fast prototyping. For that reason, we have added the scooter. It seems like a good choice but we may use any indicator showing a panda can be fast. Our logo has a panda because it is a friendly animal and we are trying to be friendly as much as we can. Cartoonish and simple could be cool. If you liked the Vespa idea red color might be a good choice with panda being black and white. Also, there was a red scarf on the neck of the panda again to use as an indicator that the scooter is moving. You can check the website for the current logo here: https://swiftpanda.studio/

    You don't have to stick with the scooter idea. It is up to you. Really kind of you for doing such a thing. Hope I could get a spot. Have a nice day.



  37. 1

    Ok. I'll give it a shot if you have time.

    My business is called SlideZing.

    SlideZing offers a simple way for presenters at large conferences or events to interact with the audience. Presenters upload their slides to SlideZing and get assigned a custom phone number. At the beginning of the talk, the presenter shares their number. The audience can text requests to the number and get images of slides and share feedback or ask questions.

    This approach requires no app installs or access to wifi. The presenter shares their unique local phone number and then receives information that is visible on SlideZing's site. The audience can request copies of slides, ask questions or generate feedback.

    SlideZing provides a unique way to make your presentation stand out. You can engage with more members of the audience since no time is wasted getting access to microphones or waiting for the long winded questioner to finish!

    As a member of the audience, you do not get annoyed by everyone taking pictures of slides. If you do want a slide, you get a high quality image - right on your phone. If you are uncomfortable getting up and asking a question, you can simply text it.

    Finally, as the presenter, you also get more feedback to help tailor and improve your presentations.

    Thanks again!

  38. 1

    social media for governments
    Currently have a favicon which is a sword emoji layered over a book emoji, so if you decide to work on it, that's the theme I'm going for.

  39. 1

    I already have a logo but I want it polished (or maybe redesigned? up to you :) because the current one doesn't look professional. It can be found on caravelkit.com and it's a caravel, on the left of the name in the navigational bar :)))
    The product is about the development of SaaS applications but I just love the sea, sailing boats and managed to find a nice domain :)))
    Thanks in advance!!

  40. 1

    If it qualifies, I'd love a logo for a 'Indie Hackers Brighton' meetup group that I'm about to get started. Brighton is known for being young, trendy, hippie and hipster type place to live. On the seaside. Very LBTQG friendly.

    1. 1

      Oké, that one was easy :')
      Not sure if there's a proper branding guideline.

      Edit: Let me make it more brighton

      1. 1

        Made it more Brighton, actually looks pretty cool for when done on t-shirts or stickers.

        View the logo: IH on the beach

        1. 1

          Could you make it without the 'meetup' word. And make the birds white? (as we are 'famous' for having seagulls). :)

          1. 1

            Updated it, see them at the bottom here

  41. 1

    Hey Robert, really kind of you for doing this.
    My side project is called planokay, you can visit the site here https://planokay.com. Basically we are trying out different ideas under an umbrella project and that project's name is planokay. Once again, tysm.

  42. 1

    Hi Robert, thanks for doing this!

    So, the logo would be for an automated news website that summarizes news articles from multiple Brazilian news outlets. Astratu (astratu.com). The project is in a very early stage, launched two days ago.

    Astratu means summary in the Corsican language.

    I'm pretty bad at design, so I don't have any idea right now of a specific color or theme for the logo. I think that since the focus of the site is summarized news, something that might represent this concept would be nice.

    Thanks again,

    1. 2

      Hi Lucas!

      You either hate it or love it – I made a very thin and abstract logo. I hope the colors can also help you a bit.

      View logo

      Ps. This font goes really well together with Montserrat

      1. 1

        @lucasfcunha I actually disliked it myself, looking at it again. I updated it with a fat and cool version. The earlier design is still there for reference.

      2. 1

        Thanks @robert,

        I'll put those up on the weekend. I also liked the color pallet, I'm going to test around the website and see if I can integrate.

        Also, thanks for the font tip, might do some changes on that front too.

  43. 1

    Thanks for this Robert!
    Remotime is a Time, Task and Invoicing app for developers /designers. Just starting out - here's the first demo vid.
    I'm partial to the color orange & audiowide font - but feel free to go wild ;)
    Some files already emailed.


    1. 2

      Here you go, happy to make the first logo. It was fun!

      View your logo

      (will share download link later)

      1. 1

        Hi @robert - can you share the download link? Thanks!

  44. 1

    MindfulDevMag - pdf magazine about mindfulness for devs aka the skeptical, non-esoteric folks Link: https://mindfuldevmag.com

    Personally love the enso/ zen circle symbol. No particular colors wishes. Tea, bells, leaves, etc. are fine

    Exclusions: No buddha, temple, shrines, swasikas or gates please

    Love your idea and thank you regardless if my site is picked or not :-)

    1. 1

      Hi @azarai – cool magazine!

      I made something – it might not be a huuuge step from what you have right now, but I love strong type and feel like the little line has the same vibe as the Enso circle.

      1. 1

        Love the logo. Great, and a big thank you @robert

  45. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  46. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  47. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  48. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  49. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  50. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  51. 2

    This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

    1. 2

      Thanks for your request!

      I tried to go beyond the usual 'zzz' and beds, but instead found a Smiley that looks happily asleep, the value you are promising.

      See the logo

      1. 1

        This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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