Productivity December 29, 2020

"This year, I should wake up at 4:30am, workout 6 days / week, implement an advanced productivity system."


Sometimes the things that we think we "should" be doing for our new year resolution don't help us meet our real goals.

For example:

Goal: Be healthier
Resolve: Gym 6 days / week
Unintended consequence: Less time with loved ones
Result: Not worth sticking with

Goal: Ship more code
Resolve: Wake up 2 hours earlier to code 3 days a week
Unintended consequence: Not enough sleep - feeling grumpy
Result: Not worth sticking with

Goal: Be more organized
Resolve: Use a new fancy productivity system
Unintended consequence: Less time in flow
Result: Not worth sticking with

What's your realistic resolution that will make your life better?

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    Small incremental steps lead to better results in my personal opinion

    2 examples below:

    Goal: Learn Spanish
    Method: duolingo 15 minutes a day
    Result: 8 months in, still doing it

    Goal: Learn Guitar
    Method: play the guitar daily for 15 minutes
    Result: 8 months in, still doing it

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      I can help you is my native language and you can help with my English is a litter broken.

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      Hey, check out my indiehackers project,, for learning Spanish :)

      ¡y buena suerte! Estaba muy sorprendido encontrar que aprender español llegó a ser mi hobby favorito.

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        No sabes lo feliz que me hace saber que hayan personas tan geniales que les guste nuestro idioma.

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          Haha por supuesto! Hay montones por todo el mundo que les encanta el español :)

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    I track every hour of every day with an app I built for myself:

    From my years review published here, I came up with these goals:

    • do half the number of unproductive/unhappy hours of work
    • increase by at least 10% the time with friends and family (since covid and going nomad will still be a challenge)
    • sustain exercise — this year after the Ironman I dropped off unlike any previous year. I can’t stay in this habit
    • Reddit is clearly a staple of my day, but I also see a trend of time doing nothing (playing phone games usually) growing. I don’t want this. I want to reduce this by 40%. I will separately track wasting time on my phone to do this.
    • Execute all started projects — have something to share about them, even if they don’t go anywhere they should have outputs else they are totally wasted.
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    I believe that the simpler the productivity system, the better to stick. Also, better to establish stupidly easy goals so it´s easy to accomplish, get motivated and establish more complex goals from there.

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    Here is the antidote to that kind of thinking:

    In all seriousness, it's a good article and a sound approach to productivity and self-improvement.

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    Stretch for 15minutes every morning and go for a daily walk

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    New Year Resolutions hardly workout especially if they are unrealistic. However, cultivating daily habits help. For example, if one is not a bibliophile and aims to complete 1 book per week, then it sounds difficult and scary. Rather, he /she can start allocating just 15 min per day for reading. The latter approach tends to give better results and is worth sticking to.
    I resolved to use the todo listing app Brutask every day to enhance my productivity as it declutters my mind , helps me focus on important tasks and stay organized throughout the day. The Link goes here :
    You might find it useful too :)

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    Awesome. Good luck Cara!

    Mine is to meditate twice a day :)

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