Newsletter Crew January 4, 2021

Those who have newsletters: Do you informally contact your subscribers at all?

Geordi @geordigeordi

Curious to know the contact points for those who have newsletters on services that may not enable them to informally contact their lists with “publishing”

Any insights or experiences appreciated 🙌

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    No, only when they confirm that they got the confirmation email.

    I ask them to write back with Ready or Done. So they do it and then I say thank you so much.

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      Ahh interesting! I'm guessing the confirmation email is automatically sent. What is it you're building if you don't mind me asking?

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        The newsletter is regarding and right now I am working on

        the emails, yes they are automated from emailoctopus.

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    Yep! Actually the inverse happens for me.

    Subscribers email me when I share something they enjoyed. Once I asked subscribers to email me to answer a question.

    This didn't work out well (only 1 person replied), but I think that's cause the question was too vague and hard.

    The question was – Are you content?

    But in general, I love getting emails from subscribers and always chat with them.

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      Hey Lesley!

      That is the BEST of signs you are creating great content :) kudos on that!

      Hmm yeah i'm unsure if I would have engaged with that specific question.. do you think you would try again with a more targeted question?

      I'm thinking if you had a segment of your subscribers interested in a side-topic - if it would be nice to build that smaller following into something - just thinking via the keyboard here 😅

      Thanks for sharing!

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    My newsletter is hosted at Revue, which doesn't support automated welcome sequences. So I manually email every new subscriber, but response rates are pretty low.

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      Hey Paolo,

      Thanks for the insights :)

      I was wondering this - and if newsletter creators spoke informally with their users outside of the transactional stuff

      newsletter creators were a small niche I was looking into for a product i'm building as you can often export the lists to CVS, .TXT etc - hence the question!

      • Geordi
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    I've done it once! I have a pretty small audience, so when I launched my book's presale campaign, I manually sent emails to some people in my audience. It showed me how many cool people are in my audience and made it more welcoming for them to engage

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      Thanks for sharing Vedika

      That’s super interesting that they felt more comfortable engaging - I guess it added a little more ‘human’ to the interaction rather than just a confirmation email? :)

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    Without publishing a newsletter*

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