Thoughts on improving the candidate experience of recruiter outreach?

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👋Hey IH -

As a software engineer, I tend to receive at least a few job proposals per week from recruiters usually via LinkedIn or email. Most messages seem to be generated automatically and therefore impersonal and I've found there to be a lot of noise.

I'm thinking about building a tool where recruiters can submit job proposals to candidates in a way that provides more signal from the noise. Structured fields would capture the key pieces of information the candidate cares about. Free text fields would encourage original messaging (e.g. by disallowing copy/pasting). The candidate would then have a dashboard that neatly displays the key information from all of the job proposals they've received. Basically I'm thinking along the lines of SubmitHub for job proposals.

If you receive a lot of cold outreach messages from recruiters, would you sign up for such a tool?
If you have experience with recruiting, is the lack of automation in this workflow a non-starter?

I have a dummy landing page set up that explains the idea further (I'm not really looking for feedback on the landing page itself, just the overall idea): https://www.candidateone.io/

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    I'm not sure what specific pain point you're solving and for whom. Personally, when I get a lot of cold emails from recruiters and am not looking, all I want to do is archive them. Maybe if I thought I'd want them later, I'd create a label for them first. But really, if the emails/messages are clearly templated ones (and thousands of other people received the same impersonal message), I'll never want to see them again.

    If you're looking to help recruiters reach out to potential candidates, this sounds like more of a sourcing tool? I think it'd help to clearly state the exact problem you want to solve and who you're solving it for. Of course, lots of products help multiple people/parties, but it's helpful to start w/ one first, just to focus.

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      Hey Lynne --

      This is really good feedback, thank you! I've gone back and forth with this idea and that is reflected in my lack of clarity around the problem statement and value proposition.

      At the highest level, I'd say the problem is that outbound recruiting is generally a poor experience from the candidate's perspective.

      I'm struggling to succinctly describe the problem more narrowly so I'll have to think for a bit (but is maybe indicative that this is not a good idea). Here's the two more specific problems that I want to tackle:

      • Filtering/searching/comparing at a glance is difficult with unstructured job proposals in my email inbox. I accrued hundreds of job proposals over the ~3 years I was at NerdWallet. These sort of represent my own personal job board and now that I've left it would be nice to use these as a starting point when looking for my next job
      • Templated recruiter messages can leave a bad impression and most outreach (from my experience and from talking with recruiters) is done via message templates, with personalization sprinkled automatically in via tooling. It's pretty deceptive -- whether a candidate notices it's a template is probably more reflective of the software used to generate it than anything.
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    signed up! this is huge for me! But would also love some way for me to explore different roles and get to know what life is really like @ different companies (kind of like @lynnetye's keyvalues.io, but more live and including real user reviews, maybe like @blind )

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