April 18, 2019

Thoughts on slack-bot idea?

Hey guys!

I'm building a slack bot named Koolr to help strengthen friendships between co-workers. Looking for feedback!

If you've worked @ a company that uses slack:

  1. Does this sound like something that would be fun to use?
  2. Think your HR/People team would be inclined to pay a few $ a month to give the team access to this?

The way Koolr would work is:

  • After installing Koolr the bot asks team members on slack what their interests are (favorite sports teams, hobbies, travel, music, etc)
  • Koolr create private channels with groups of your colleagues who share similar interests
  • Koolr has personality and will prompt conversations between your co-workers by pulling in events of interest to the group.
    (ex: @Brian your favorite team Seahawks killed today against the Cowboys 32-18. Hope no one was rooting for dallas😂)

Thanks for your help :) #product-feedback-request