Thoughts on the Taiwan Gold Card?

A friend was just approved for the Taiwan Gold Card, a 1-2-3 year visa. Check out this article if you're unfamiliar with it.

I wanted to get the Indie Hackers take on it. Anyone else familiar with the program? Has anyone applied or considering applying?

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    I've been looking into this and am thinking of applying as a) Taiwan is wonderful and b) I'd love to brush up my rusty Chinese. But as my income is way under the threshold for entrepreneurs, I'd probably need to apply as a writer / literauture professional. And here the bar is set quite high. Last time I looked, the guidance was that you need to be in receipt of a major national or international prize (an appended note helpfully said that examples of appropriate prizes were the Nobel Prize of Literature and the Man Booker Prize!!!). But I'd be really interested if you have applied, and how it has gone. The process seems quite mysterious.

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      Yes, I've heard that the bar is set quite high for categories outside the income requirement. But it's probably worth doing some more research - try and find a few people who have been approved and see if you might qualify.

      Good luck!

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        Thanks! I'm going to ask around. Or else I'll just have to start working on that Nobel Prize...

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          Maybe some extra motivation is all you needed!!

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    Taiwan is awesome for digital nomading. I knew a guy who got the gold card, didn't seem like he had any trouble.

    There's also an entrepreneur visa available that's easier to get but last time I checked you had to be inside the country but I'm not sure how it is now.

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    Thanks for sharing, @timjones. Taiwan is one of my top choices for nomad life in the future.

    Have you applied and got an approval? I'd love to know. :)

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      I did! Currently in a quarantine hotel in Taipei :)

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        Congrats! How long will you be there and where will you be staying?

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          Probably until early June. I’m staying in an Airbnb in the Da’an neighborhood in Taipei.

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