Daily Stand-up July 16, 2020

Thursday Standup

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

What will you accomplish by end of July?
What did you do yesterday to work toward your goal?
What will you do today?

(@janice use to do these daily stand ups, I'm bringing them back if people still want them. Don't let it stop you from making your own individual posts in the group. Whatever works for you.)

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    Hey guys,

    Sydney Indie Hackers hosted a meetup online today at 6 PM (GMT+10).

    A few ideas/projects we talked about were:

    • Harry (@1hakr) is working on simpleops.io - monitor website/server performance
    • Adam Ahmed talked about an app that makes it easier to do taxes
    • Stand Bright talked about a Product Hunt alternative, but fair voting
    • Dan Segal (@segzz) talked about job listing app helps learn and negotiate salary
    • Jack/me (@hieunc) has just rebrand inverr.com - a website builder

    P/s: I'll forward any of your feedback, comment or question :)

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    @rosiesherry (Thursday title)
    END of JULY
    Launch Phase 1 of Lift Academy

    Dug deep into the National Common Core Standards. Which I thought was going to be extremely dry. I was wrong! However, there’s a lot more there than I thought, which alters my plans a little. Still need to launch by end of month so will talk through a plan in a separate blog post.

    I did map a basic topic list for grades K-12

    Create both a short and long term plan for using the National Common Core Standards in Lift Academy assessments

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      I don't know what day of the week it is anymore. 🙈

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        Ask IH: What day of the week is it? 😂

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          Is there an app for that?

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    Whatever happened to Janice? I miss her.

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      👋🏾 Hey!

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      Maybe if we tag @janice enough she'll come back to say hello 🥰

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    I love this thread! By the end of July, I want to make it a habit to show up on Indie Hackers, Growth Hackers, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter daily. My goal for July is to get my client's brand new website to 1000 monthly visitors.

    Yesterday I strategized 3 months of high-converting keywords and found 2 people to interview for content.

    Today I will interview 1 person for content, comment on 5 relevant blogs, build 1 link and finish the strategy.

    You rock!

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      you go!

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    I'm working on reaching more people for my startup EEKAY ONLINE through which I offer my experience as a 16+ year developer with over 7 years of mobile app development experience.

    As an INDEPENDENT consultant, I advise people on web- and mobile apps without having them stuck at a developer firm.

    I've had multiple gigs to help people find out how to get their app project from the ground, specifying mobile apps through remote workshops and advising them in what's possible and what not.

    I want to get my next leads for companies, startups, people who are looking to get a mobile app going but don't know where to start.

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    For amicu.app

    End of July:

    1. Improve the app.
    2. Get more user interviews done.
    3. Improve the knowledge base.
    4. Get more users.


    Just some reach out via reddit etc. I was busy with non IH stuff.

    Today I did:

    • Configure the time when notifications are displayed
    • Configure time statistics
    • Reorganized app settings
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    • End of July goal: Get 2 more customers for Niceboard

    • Yesterday: Tied loose ends together to end the private beta and go public!

    • Today: Opened sign ups to the public!

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    What will you accomplish by the end of July?

    • Create all documents required by Newchip Accelerator. These include:
      • PitchDeck
      • Executive Summary

    What did you do yesterday to work toward your goal?
    🤖 Registered my company as a Delaware C-corp
    💻 Launched a coding blog with a friend: https://system.camp
    🤩 Got Pipfeed's app approved on App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pipfeed-personal-reading-app/id1482764225?ls=1

    What will you do today?
    🕹️ Improve Pipfeed's API and document all fields for next week PH launch

    • Work on PitchDeck
    • Start Newchip's accelerator course's curriculum.
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      I just applied to Newchip as well :o but in Pre-seed accelerator. Where are you at?

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        We got a seat in the "Pre-Seed Accelerator" only.

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          Let's keep in touch, maybe we can support each other through it!

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    By the end of July, my goal is to get 1,250 unique hits per day on ProsperCircle.org. Currently, I'm between 250 - 500. Some days it gets closer to 750.

    Yesterday, researched SEO strategies and started working on featuring companies on ProsperCircle.org

    Continue building Company page on ProsperCircle.org. Goal is deploy it by Friday. (I know Fridays are bad days to deploy code ;))

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      counting hits to a website is meaningless unless it's attached to a business outcome. how does your metrics work?

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        True. It is top of the funnel for me. Should have said 1,250 unique relevant hits per day.

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          what does "relevant" mean?

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            Relevant hits are hits from people who are the right persona for my service.

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              and you can track this? i'm just asking because most folks count and measure stats that literally do nothing for them.

              in fact, i don't count "visits" for a long time.

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    This is actually helpful, atleast for me, @rosiesherry. I understand you have a lot on your plate but howsoever you are managing it, it is commendable.

    My goal for the month - Talk to my users at Designtack. To understand them better, run experiments and tests. Hopefully, I might have something by the end of this month.

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    End of July:

    • Publish Strategy / Risk pages
    • Setup ContentStudio
    • Start scheduling social media posts for every day, 1 week at a time.
    • Switch from Intercom to Crisp for automated customer support.
    • Set up budgeting for clearer view of inflows/outflows


    • Published Strategy Page
    • Switched from Intercom to Crisp
    • Added helpdesk


    • Start using ContentStudio
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    End Of July Goal - (Early August) there's an IH meetup I attend, I'd like to have an MVP of the RFM Modeling app that I'm building completed by then.

    Yesterday, mostly wallowed with bad pandemic feelings but looked a little bit at deployment options.

    Today, got the M portion of the model implemented.