Developers May 25, 2020

TIL in Mobile. - Mobile Tips & Tricks

Michael Tigas @teeeeeegz

Hey everyone! I've been putting together a Today I Learned collection for Mobile Tips & Tricks I've found super handy over the years:

They're mostly related to creating iOS & Android apps, but also touch on macOS and ASO. Check it out if you have a free moment, might find something handy you've never discovered/realised in the past. 🙂

I created the page with Notion and exposed it as a public site with Fruition, which was pretty fun and low maintenance to set up.

I'll keep adding to the list over time, but it's a bummer there's no RSS support with Notion to broadcast new TIL's, so I'll likely share them through my Twitter for now.


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    I think sharing some individual tips over here would go down well. Copying over the content + images is a good strategy.

    I love seeing Notion being used like this. 🥰

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      Thanks Rosie, I'm super lucky Fruition became available a couple weeks ago so I could do something like this with Notion!

      Are you thinking I should create an individual post for each tip? Copying over the content + images is no issue, as long as I can link back to the list so people can check out all the other tips I've added.

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        Yes, it's cool to link back, probably at the bottom of the post. People appreciate 'reading the content where they are' then exploring further if it is of interest.

        I like to point to @harrydry posts as examples of that.

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          Cheers Rosie! Totally agree. Show us the good stuff @teeeeeegz :)

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          They're awesome examples! I'll keep them in mind when sharing the individual tips 💪

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    Awesome! Very helpful

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      Cheers Rene!