Landing Page Feedback March 21, 2019

Timbr - a Slack app to resolve production incidents quicker

Jeff Kao @j_ckao

Howdy, hackers! I'm looking for some #landing-page-feedback :)

I built Timbr, a Slack app to help engineers co-ordinate production-sensitive events more easily. For example, it'd be really convenient for me to be able to pull up the fact that somebody ran a database migration when I'm trying to debug why things aren't working on my website; that is the problem Timbr solves.

Happy to answer any questions :)

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    Focus more on the added value you provide over vanilla Slack. It's not clear to me how this is significantly better than just saying what you're doing in a channel that people can search with Slacks native search

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      Hey Alan, thanks for the feedback. Makes sense, I think most of the value-add comes from features down the road such as analytics and integrations. Also thinking of pulling in other data sources as well for a better picture.