Ideas and Validation March 12, 2020

tiny products ideas


I just read an article on StackingTheBricks that advocates to start with a tiny product first.

I'm curious to know what are some worthy tiny ideas that are actionable?

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    @tylertringas said something I agree with. Take freelancer jobs so you will get to see what problems real customers are having.

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      Yup, more than focus on tiny ideas you should focus on problems. Take a big or small problem bit start with a tiny solution and iterate on it from your customers/users feedback.

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    • newsletter
    • no code app
    • WordPress plugin
    • Chrome extension

    Good ideas already mentioned:

    • small ebook
    • affiliate marketing site
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    i mean... so many ways to do small things. a small ebook can be created simply and sold for a nice sum. those types of examples?

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      To write an e-book that people want to buy, you need to be either an expert or a really good story teller, no?

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        That's why you need to start with a problem, as @Gonelf suggested, not a solution/idea. You're an "expert" if you can help people solve problems. The ebook contains the solution to that problem. So what problem are you solving for what audience?

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          I agree :)
          The only problem is to figure out what problem can I solve for what audience.

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            Would you like me to solve that problem for you for a consulting fee? :D

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              epic answer! 11/10

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                There is a place for this kind of stuff:

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                  Here we go into affila-fake marketing

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            That's what will make you money, understanding the problems and solving them in a way that someone will pay you for that.

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        expertise is relative. give that a turn in the old 🧠and you'll realize that it's true.

        i've been publicly writing blog posts for 19 years. in general, i am the "expert" blogger in most circles that i swim. i don't think that's a big deal, but, relative to the crowd, i'm the expert.

        but, if i stood next to anil dash or some of those other blogging luminaries... i'd no longer be the resident expert.

        the point is that expertise is relative to the folks that you surround yourself with and that you serve. this means there's a market for even your level of expertise!

        it's a beautiful thing.

        build something, create value... it's not as hard as it might sound... and you don't need to be a "proven" builder to do it either. it's a permission-less culture now in terms of building cool shit.

        so, go fucking build cool shit!

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          That's it. I'm calling myself an expert surfer.

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            you'd be the expert if we were doing it together... i don't know anything about it... i think i'd drown.

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          "build something, create value... it's not as hard as it might sound... and you don't need to be a "proven" builder to do it either. it's a permission-less culture now in terms of building cool shit."

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            i don't know why i see folks, still, make fun of folks who haven't done "stuff" yet...

            it's as if they think people come pre-wrapped with experience...

            wtf is that? lol.

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    Daily self-affirmation app?

    Sounds simple enough.

    Not sure where I got this idea either.

    Just let the user select a bunch of "relevant" categories, like motivation, business, dating, fitness, health, mental health, depression, etc. etc., and then give them self-affirmations every day through a reminder/notification.

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    if i tell you one, would u work with me ? its so tiny. can be done in 6 hrs. [email protected]

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    This is not new idea, but I think It still have potentials.

    a affiliate ready website for beginners.
    Many people looking forward to try affiliate market. In every niche, we can prepare a ready for affiliate site.
    Monetization of it is up to you.

    Similar idea, a ready drop shipment niche site, where user pay you and you made up and running site for them.
    In longer term, these products might need maintenance and customer support.