Tip: Add a comments section to your blog to grow and nurture your community

Blogs aren't just a great way to share your expertise. They can also be used to create community and improve SEO. Enable comments in your blog to grow and connect with your audience.

Having a comments section in your blog may directly impact your search rankings. It also increases dwell time. And we know that Google crawls comments, which means each comment can help you rank for more keywords. In fact, Neil Patel found that 16% of his search traffic came from comments. Perhaps even more importantly, though, a comment section builds community. You can get to know your audience, build rapport, and learn from them. Comments can provide instant feedback, inspiration for new content, and even social proof. The tradeoff is that you'll need to respond to comments, weed out the spam, remove broken links, and so on. And that's not so bad while your audience is still small. Just remember to start a conversation by asking a question at the end of your articles.

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    Yes! I have done the same for a static website and wrote a post on exactly how to called the Jamstack Comment Engine Guide at thetoulbox.com It is important to own your comments so that you get the benefits of SEO rather than having a third party hold them. Additionally, the pattern presented allows for comment moderation via integration with slack. For each new comment a message is posted and if you approve it then it is added else it is deleted.

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    The problem is engagement is close to zero on blogs, no matter how many questions you ask or whether you shout from the rooftops. Unless you already have a large following of fans.

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      Fair point. Some people turn them off because the comments take too much time. Others because they don't get any. Tough to find that sweet spot!

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        To be fair, engagement is low pretty much everywhere, not just on blogs.

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