Tip: Add an email signature with a CTA to increase conversions

Your day-to-day communications are opportunities to passively promote your company and push the needle for your latest initiatives. Create an email signature with a call to action to pique the interest of your recipients.

One study showed that adding an email signature to employee emails directly increased website traffic for the company. And not only were there more visitors, but they visited more pages and spent up to 3 times longer on each page than their average visitor. Not bad for something that took a few minutes, max. And that's just your run-of-the-mill email signature. A great way to push the envelope even further is to add a button with a CTA for scheduling a meeting, downloading key content, subscribing to your newsletter, or whatever else your little heart desires. You could even add dynamic content like a link to your latest article, if that's more your speed. But at a minimum, make sure to include your name, photo (better yet, a GIF), title, contact info, and social info. To get started, check out Newoldstamp or Hubspot's Email Signature Generator to customize your signature and turn it into HTML.

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    I like the idea, however we've found some email clients mark your emails as spam when you have a link in your email signature. Have you heard of others bumping into that issue?

    1. 1

      Interesting, thanks for weighing in! I haven't heard of anyone running into that issue but I'm eager to learn more if anyone has any info on it.

      From what I can see, shortened links sometimes cause problems. And linked images can cause problems too, especially if the email has embedded images.

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