Tip: Communicate proactively about product issues to increase customer satisfaction

It's tempting to put out a fire and hope no one notices, but being forthright about it can save you time (and customers). Decrease support requests and increase customer satisfaction by communicating with your users as soon as a problem arises.

Things break. It's how you deal with them that will be the difference between churn and retention. Proactive communication about outages, bugs, delays, and so on will improve customer satisfaction and decrease your support load. It also allows you to control the tone of the conversation. So let them hear it from you first. Use your normal customer service channels (in-app messaging, email, etc.) to contact those who could be affected by the issue. Speak confidently. Let them know what happened and that you're on it. Make it clear that you care. Set clear expectations including an ETA (if you're reasonably certain), and keep them informed. Be available for those who still reach out. And when the coast is clear, let them know right away.

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