Tip: Convert more leads by using exploratory wording in your CTAs

If your wording suggests that a potential customer will need to make a commitment before they're ready, they'll often walk away. Get them in the door by using exploratory words.

When Google changed a call to action from "Book a room" to "Check availability," form engagement increased by 17%. It seems that many potential customers avoided the original CTA because it sounded like a commitment. And they were more open to the exploratory CTA because they felt that they had more time to assess their options. Conveniently, once a potential customer invests time and learns more about an offering, they'll be more likely to make a commitment. So consider softening any firm CTAs, marketing copy, etc. @genemachine of Swipe uses the example of "Give it a try" instead of "Create an account."

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    Love it! I'd add, try combining with microcopy that indicates how quickly you can get up and running or finish the advertised task. This is especially useful on mobile where people shy away from performing "desktop-type" actions.

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      🙇‍♂️🙏 Love this tip!

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