Tip: Get conversions by sampling product features in your blog

Casually displaying the value of your product in your blog will warm up your readers — and it's not just about the content itself. Get more conversions by incorporating your product into your blog's structure.

Like many companies, Ahrefs includes data from their product in their blog posts. But they also do something unusual — they display live data about the article itself. In the margin of each post, you'll find the number of shares, referring domains, and organic traffic. And right below, it says, "Data from Content Explorer tool." Without asking the visitor to do a thing, they are clearly displaying the value of their product and likely increasing conversions. Of course, this example is very specific to their product, so trying this approach will require some creativity on your end. Just think about what aspects of your product would show off its value and add delight when added to your blog (or elsewhere), without increasing friction for your visitor. For example, a todo list app could check off sections as the visitor reads the article.

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