Tip: Get more shares by adding click-to-tweet buttons

If you want people to share, you've got to serve it up to them on a platter. Skyrocket your shares by adding click-to-tweet buttons for the best tidbits in each article.

Brian Dean gets tons of shares on his articles, and he says a significant portion comes from click-to-tweet buttons. And not only is he getting people to share his content, but he's pre-populating what he wants them to say too. Blog posts are the obvious choice for click-to-tweets but they're useful just about anywhere — emails, ebooks, you name it. And it's easy to do. Just find the best tip, quote, statistic, or otherwise share-worthy snippet. Head over to ClickToTweet, add what you want the Tweet to say (be sure to link your article and @ mention yourself), and create a link. Then add the link to your post and you're all set.

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