Tip: Increase customer satisfaction with eco-friendly products

It's no secret that sustainability is vitally important for the planet. What's less obvious is that it can help your business too. Grow your business and keep customers happy by making sure your products are eco-friendly.

One study showed that eco-friendly products are as much as 28% more enjoyable to use, even if sustainability isn't a customer's motive for purchasing. Another showed that demand for sustainable products is growing rapidly and customers are willing to pay more for them too. And these effects don't just apply to physical products. To make your product eco-friendly, use zero-emissions web hosting, plant trees according to usage or purchases, make sure your service providers are prioritizing sustainability, and optimize your product's usability and performance to reduce energy usage. Then let people know what you're doing and why it's helpful. Make it genuine — don't greenwash. And remind them about it when they're using the product. To see where you're currently at, use a carbon calculator like this one.

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    Not sure if self promotion is allowed here, but if you need help measuring your carbon footprint, offsetting your products, or just generally making your business more sustainble get in touch :)

    We launched our B2B solution yesterday -> https://carboncroc.com/business

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      Nice, congrats on your launch! 🚀

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        Couldn't agree more 😀

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        Thank you @growthbites and love your trends report @timosarkka!

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