Tip: Increase traffic by adding descriptors [in brackets] to your titles

The more information a potential visitor has, the more likely they are to click. Get more eyes on your site by including bracketed descriptors in your titles.

A study of over three million headlines showed that titles with brackets or parentheses got 38% more clicks. For context, here's an example from the study: "A Look Inside Mashable’s Evolution [Interview]". Using brackets like this can increase clicks because they include information about the content that may not otherwise be clear. And knowing what to expect tends to make people more confident in taking action. As the example shows, this works great for articles. But you can also add things like "(Free Shipping)" to product titles, "[x customers served]" to your company's title tags, and so on.

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  1. 0

    This is a really old tactic. Wonder is it still works. Google updates her algorithms so often.

    Still, it is more visual. But that is fully depending on what the others do ranking for the same keyword.

    Anyway the source does not provide any day when it was written.

    Don't go straight for these strategies.

    1. 2

      Based on the PDF, it seems like 2015... stEvt:when2015-02-16T20:51:43-05:00</stEvt:when>

      1. 1

        Oh did not see that. Thanks! Makes my comment more valid :p

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