💡Tip: Less is more

Well, I know this is a basic one, but I MUST start this weekly copywriting tips with "less is more" because although it is an obvious thing that copywriters learn at first, I can see that lot of people forget about it.

Being a copywriter doesn't mean you have to write and write and write and... BOOORING.

Really, try to use more often the delete key.

Use the necessary and correct words.

Can you think in any example of a too long copy?

Which of these copys inspire you the most? 👇
  1. We help you create your digital strategy so you can increase your sales.
  2. Create your digital strategy. Increase your sales.
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    Thank you for the reminder, Carmen.

    This can and should be applied to everything, not only copywriting. Adding (words, features, or entire products) is easy while removing forces you to increase clarity and focus, which creates more value.

  2. 2

    I agree with you, less IS more, but...keep in mind that in some situations having less gives the perception of having a low quality.

    Most people on this forum only work in tech, or are writing copy for tech companies, but they also forget that copywriting doesn't just make up the tech industry.

    At one stage of my career, I was writing copy for the real estate industry, primarily targeted at foreign buyers looking to buy invest property overseas. These pieces consisted of sales copy about a page and half long, maybe more at times.

    In this case, less quite literally equals less, mostly because you are not banking on somebody making a decision in a split second but rather spread out. This goes for any high ticket good.

    Few examples, yachts, proprietary software, real estate and also a lot of industrial equipment.

  3. 2

    "How can I be more concise here?" - something that I ask myself all the time while writing. English is my second language, which could explain why writing less is actually harder for me.

    Being concise while getting my point across requires far more re-writing and thinking than just writing out a long, boring text.

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