Tip: Make your follow-ups more effective by including supportive data

Following up with a lead can mean the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity. But instead of a blase follow-up, why not give them another reason to buy? Convert more leads by including information that strengthens your case.

@RubyRuss closes a whopping 75% of his demos, and he says the way he follows up with leads is a big factor in that. Follow-ups are crucial in and of themselves, but here's why Russell's are particularly effective. He avoids the usual "I just wanted to follow up..." email which, as he points out, is pestering and offers no value to the lead. And instead, he takes the opportunity to provide further information that strengthens the case for becoming a customer. Specifically, he casually provides case studies, social proof (reviews, etc.), and so on. And then he leads right into asking how their decision is coming along.

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Here's a template that Russell used after not hearing back for a few days. The recipient responded the same day and booked a demo for the following week.

Hi {{first_name}},

Hope all is well and you and the team have had a chance now to debrief on our call last week.

I also wanted to quickly follow up with some customer reviews on Capterra from a few of our customers, if you found them useful. [link]

Was there an appetite from the team to learn more about {{your_company_name}} and book a demo for next week?


  1. 4

    Would love to see an anonymized example of one of his follow up emails

    1. 3

      I'll check in with @RubyRuss and see what I can do!

      1. 3

        sure thing, where's the best place to send / share it?

        1. 2

          Awesome, thanks @RubyRuss 👍 If you don't mind sharing it here in the comments, I'll add it to the post.

        2. 1

          Added an edit above with the template @AntCas. Thanks @RubyRuss!

        3. 1

          anthony at formico dot io


      1. 1

        Your personal website is super cool

        1. 1

          Thanks man.

          I appreciate it.

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