Tip: Raise perceived value by ignoring good features and promoting only the very best

When it comes to presenting your product's features, less is more. Increase the perceived value of your product in sales pitches, marketing content, etc. by showcasing only the best that you have to offer.

You might think you should showcase everything that's good about your product, but you'd be wrong. One study found that customers were willing to pay 36.7% more for a product when only the best features were displayed. As it turns out, the overall perceived value is often diluted by good features when they're showcased alongside excellent ones. So consider removing those good-but-not-great options from your sales pitch, website, marketing content, and just about anything else — your lead can learn about those once they're further along in the buying process. If you just can't part with them, though, the study showed that you can reduce the effect by encouraging the person to look at the big picture and add up all the individual benefits.

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      Thank you!
      This is a bias that comes naturally, so we really need to consciously fight it and always keep it in mind. It makes a big difference.

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