Tip: Reduce unsubscribes by adding a preference center

Readers often unsubscribe from all of a sender's emails when they're really only trying to avoid a specific type of email. Keep your readers on your list by letting them choose what they want to receive.

Giving readers the ability to manage their subscriptions can dramatically cut down unsubscribes and spam reports, while increasing reader satisfaction and helping with segmentation. Yet, many creators don't allow their readers to select what types of emails they want. Consider creating a preference center for your readers. At a minimum, this means allowing users to selectively opt out of specific email types when unsubscribing, instead of automatically removing them from all emails. Letting them select an email frequency helps too. And it's a good idea to add a "Preference Center" link to your emails. To get new subscribers to add their preferences without increasing signup friction, consider inviting them to do so in your Welcome email.

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  1. 1

    I HATE preference centers. I find they set it up so you can NEVER unsub.

    1. 1

      Thanks for weighing in! Yeah, it should go without saying, but: Make sure it's still very easy to unsubscribe. And don't be shady.

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