Tip: Send a breakup email to convert unresponsive prospects

Sometimes people are interested in your product but they just haven't found the time to follow through. At the end of your drip sequence, light a fire under them with one last email making it clear that they won't hear from you again.

Hans Dekker (@WizardofGrowth) of Wiza sends breakup emails regularly. They get a 5–6% higher response rate than any other email in his campaigns, and those who respond are almost always interested. He usually sends them as the 4th or 5th email in a sequence, saying something like, "Looks like now wasn’t the best time to connect. If anything changes, feel free to check in again." People are often taken aback by this email. It makes it clear that this is the end of the road, and if the recipient is at all interested, they'll often book a call right then and there to avoid missing out. And if not, it's still a welcome email as it saves them the trouble of unsubscribing.

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    Spot On 100% 👌

    Hans Dekker @WizardofGrowth is a cold outreach leading expert!

    We've been using this breakup email for 4 weeks now and our campaign is getting a 23.5% higher response rate than any other email.

  2. 2

    Awesome, thanks for the mention guys!

    These days I'm running my own cold outreach agency at Leadaro.co/agency - if anyone feels like breaking up with some people by email or wants help with their campaigns let me know.

    Also have some very exciting news coming up for anyone interested in lead gen and cold email. Stay tuned :)

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