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Tip: Stay top-of-mind by "owning" an emoji

Associating your brand with an emoji through repetitive use can have an impact that would make Pavlov proud. "Own" an emoji to stay top-of-mind with your audience.

If you strategically own a specific emoji, you'll come to mind whenever your audience sees it. It's free and easy promotion. Take Morning Brew. They associated their brand with the coffee mug emoji over time. And it's no coincidence that Ross Simmonds, for instance, automatically assumed that a new follower with a coffee cup emoji in their name was a Morning Brew employee. Turns out they just liked coffee, but that didn't stop Morning Brew from popping into Ross' mind (and now yours) for a bit. Another benefit is that emojis stand out in a feed and make your posts more recognizable. To own an emoji, select one that doesn't already have a widely accepted connotation. Try to make it somewhat related to your brand. And make sure to test that the emoji displays correctly across platforms and devices. Then use it in your social media names (that's important), tweets, articles, website copy, email signature, subject lines — you name it.

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