Tip: Use double opt-ins to increase the quality of your email list

The easiest way to maintain a high-quality email list is through a double opt-in signup process. Not only can it increase your engagement rate, but it can also ensure your emails are actually delivered.

Since subscribers essentially have to say yes twice, it's safe to assume that they actually wanted to subscribe. And that means they'll be more engaged, which will lead to a higher engagement rate. It also means that they'll be less likely to mark your email as spam, which affects your sender reputation (and whether your emails are delivered). Plus, typos won't often result in losing subscribers, and your list won't be full of bots. The downside? Double opt-ins increase signup barriers and failure points. But there are ways to get around these. For instance, you can make sure emails are triggered within seconds so users don't have to wait, direct users to their email right away on the webpage, give users an option to resend the confirmation email, and make sure your confirmation email is extremely succinct. Ultimately, a lot of factors come into choosing the right way to do email permissions, but hopefully these summaries of single opt-ins and double opt-ins are a good starting point.

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