Tip: Use interactive forms in your email campaigns to increase conversions

It's true that some email clients don't support interactive forms, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. In your next email campaign, increase conversions by using interactive forms with fallbacks in case they don't work.

By using interactive forms in your email campaigns, you can collect reviews, run surveys, and generate leads from within the email. That's way less friction than static forms that take you out of the email to a webpage. And less friction means a higher likelihood of achieving your goal, whether that's gathering feedback or converting a lead. As for the email clients that don't support interactive forms, the trick is to set up fallbacks. In other words, your emails should take advantage of interactive forms where they work: Apple Mail, Gmail (desktop web), and Yahoo (desktop web). And display a fallback (like a static form that redirects) where they don't: Outlook, Windows, and all mobile devices. If you code, here's how to do it. If not, products like GetFeedback and Salesforce's Content Builder can handle it.

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    If you have a large list, doesn't that cause problems with deliverability?

    1. 2

      No, not necessarily.

      Including Javascript could potentially have a detrimental effect as an email client could spot the Javascript and think it's spammy and direct it to junk, but the techniques pointed out in the Litmus article are all valid techniques for email clients.
      And any that do not support or specifically block those tags, you would build a static fallback for which may simply be an image which takes the user to a landing page with the form.

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